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REQUEST: Revive fellow players

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Wouldn't it be nice if players could revive each other?
- The player enters a state of being downed when hp reaches 0 (or a configurable chance for this happening).
- While downed: You can't do anything except slowly crawl around (no jumping).
- You die after 60 seconds (configurable), if no friend was able to revive you during this window.
- Revival takes a couple of seconds to perform (hold interact button with a bandage or any healing item in hand)

Not a new concept by any means, but I think it would be super nice to get a chance to save your friend when out on long expeditions far far away from home.
Also, it's fun! These situations tend to get quite intense, being on a timer to save your friend.

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There's a revive function (handles respawning) you could probably look into how it works and then make your own version.
And I believe that dying is handled by the BEBehaviorEntityHealth so that's another avenue you can hook into.

Normally I'd suggest cancelling the death event but I know from personal experience that the event handler sucks and you likely can't do it that way.

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With my current knowledge I think I would be able to get the player to being downed instead of dead at 0 hp. And thats about it :)
What I would primarily need take a deep dive into is:
- Animation (player crawling)
- Getting some sort custom UI graphics displayed on the screeen (e.g. a revive-meter)
- Restricting player controls

But some day I will make this happen, if noone else already has.

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