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Strange behavior eating partial portions from a bowl


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If you eat from a bowl that's placed in the world and you're not hungry enough to eat all of it, it doesn't seem to remove partial portions correctly. However, it does work correctly if I hold the bowl in my hand and eat it that way. I was seemingly able to eat from the bowl unlimited times while it was in-world. Once it even showed as "0 servings", so that was strange.

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I hate to bring this up again, but I had another possibly strange experience with this bug (or maybe a cousin of it) coming back to haunt me. I was playing multiplayer, ate a meal, and I guess I was just barely not hungry enough to eat it all. I placed the bowl on the table, and it said 0 servings.

Maybe this is just a decimal thing, I presume the portion remaining is only represented as one decimal place. So if the portion remaining is very low, like 0.01, it will show as 0.

Hard to say if this was a bug or just a formatting issue. Perhaps the remaining portion should be shown as a percentage? Don't know!

Unfortunately I wasn't around to see this bowl consumed, but I'm assuming someone was able to eat it without issue.

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