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Stable Food spoil&preserve Hotfix #2 (v1.10.2)


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Version 1.10.2, a stable release, is now ready for download in the account manager.

Making food spoil correctly is harder than one might think! This release fixes some more annoying issues with sealed crocks not perishing at the right speed. Also Cinnabar and Anthracite have a use and the chests in underground translocator rooms have loot now, woo!

[Edit:] Also release v1.10.3 to fix a client crash related to shelves!

build by @DrTenabrae

Game updates

  • Tweak: Chests in Teleporter rooms now have loot
  • Tweak: Cinnabar is now a red pigment (=can write with it on signs)
  • Tweak: Anthracite is now a long lasting fuel
  • Tweak: Rot now only burns half as long
  • Tweak: Can now also right click on the crop itself to fertilize the farmland below
  • Tweak: Can no longer seal barrels when there is no matching sealable recipe
  • Tweak: Compost now requires 64 rot instead of 60
  • Tweak: Fertilizer properties are now displayed in the item info
  • Tweak: Colored glass is now listed in the handbook
  • Tweak: Updated some of the other ruin loot
  • Fixed: Crocks sometimes facing the wrong direction when placed on shelves
  • Fixed: More issues with sealed Crocks and spoilage info
  • Fixed: Eating from placed meal bowls did not reduce service size correctly
  • Fixed: Added some missing translations when cooking with cured meat

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