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Mature player seeking a fairly new eu server for co op light roleplay


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Hi everyone. I'm returning to the game and I am seeking a coop light roleplay server that is fairly newly set up to play on. I prefer a server where you use something like discord to talk to each other in rl rather than all typing as I struggle with my sight. I have played VS before but only to fairly early stages but I really enjoyed the cooking side of the game and would love to play a village cook. providing pies, bread and various stews etc. I would prefer an EU/UK based server if possible. Many thanks in advance

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I've got an EU server, it's right here in Frankfurt, Germany. We've already set up half of our first village and have progressed to endgame technology. Soon we will make the server public, but for now it's just a few people playing there to set everything up (consistently in survival mode, though).

Unfortunately, we're aiming for a German speaking player base. But since most of us at least understand a few words in english, I don't see a big problem in that, if you're ready to learn a few words in German 😉

Our approach is to provide multiple servers in different languages for people who like to play together with their friends in their mother tongue. But those are long term goals, so we need a functioning economy on a german server first, to proof the concept. People who like to do jobs in villages are exactly what we're looking for. And since it's all about international inclusivity, no one will mind having a british cook, I guess. Anyway, if you're interested: We've got a job offer, that is perfect for you!

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If this deal doesn't go through I could host the server myself and we'd be able to fully customize our world (and mods) on how we want it to be
Plus I got a somewhat old save file that has custom made ruins I've been wanting to play with players since the friend group I've been playing with just kind of went radio silent.



Floating city :3


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In Time Valley (or as called in German "Tal der Zeit") the modset is well playtested, finely balanced and constantly worked on (mainly by me, but planned is to make it more of a democratic community thing). Hosting is taken care of, no costs for anyone. Rules for ingame behavior are rather simple: Don't be a jerk.
We even plan on franchizing the server setup and custom mod set, for the ones who don't speak german but like our concept. One of our admins is already working on an own hosting service, cheap in pricing, within the EU and Vintage Story optimized with a small set of customly programmed code. This project has just won it's first customer a couple of weeks ago. It's another german server with it's focus a bit more on city building.

For anyone interested in any of this, feel free to contact me.

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