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about game accounts, game keys, upgrade single player to family pack or something along those lines

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I searched wiki and forum could not find anything about this ->

1)  I bought single game account now my family wants in   :)  ( sister and niece, we dont live together, did not excpect them to be interested, both are not big on gaming )

Can I somehow change that single game account to family pack, what I am thinking here is add 37€ on already paid 18€ - that would be 55€ and with that go from 1 game key to 4 ? ( I need only 3, maybe keep one to gift to someone )

or dont complicate things and just buy 2 more single game keys ?  ( which is even 1€ cheaper, but, this is not about money more about is it possible to upgrade single to family account ? )

2) I do have PC and laptop, can I install game on both and use same account to activate game on both ?  ( would not run them at same time, when I travel for work I use laptop, when I am home laptop is turned off (PC has better GPU... ))




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There's no such thing as upgrading a purchase to a different one in the shop. You could try writing a support ticket and ask the team to accomodate you on goodwill, but it probably won't work.

However, yes, you can use the same game account on any number of installations. Just keep in mind that your savegames and mods don't magically jump computers with you. They're stored locally on each machine.

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yea I just wanted to check if maybe there is an option for purchase upgrade and I could not find it

no reason to complicate things, I will just buy 2 additional single keys and all 3 of us are in game..

about mods and savegames - yep, I get it, thats not going to be a problem


thx for your time, cheers

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