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The Result of Our First Few Days

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After stumbling across and watching the 100 Days in Vintage Story by Secret Foxfire video a few days ago, I fell in love with the idea of Vintage Story and convinced (with little effort) two of my friends to play the game with me. We went in blind (for the most part, since I had watched the entirety of that video) and set off into our first world of Vintage Story.

We initially settled pretty close to spawn and were planning on staying there until we started reading a bit of the guide and realized we were in an unstable temporal area. So after the first night, we ran off to find a nice, stable area and settled down next to the ocean. We died a few times each (once to a rooftop invasion of the drifters but mostly to angry wild rams and one Spear Incident™), struggled with hunger until we realized boars dropped quite a bit of meat (and got a cooking pot), made pottery, and started a farm. We called it a night after a few in-game days (4? 5? I didn't really count) but we've had a ton of fun so far.

It's just a dirt hut with mismatched food fencing for now, but I thought I'd share the result of our first few hours here :)

I think we're about to sink many, many hours into this game!





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