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Bone Stew


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Not sure what the nutrition in bones is in relation to the meat. Chicken is worth 375 (200 x1.5) protein in a meal. Bones could be worth around 90 (30 x1.5) each and be balanced for the amount you get per carcass (since bone drops aren't lowered in winter.) Bones don't rot, however, which means they either have to be made to dry out and lose their nutritional value after some time, or they just have to be worth so little that it's only worth cooking them as starvation food.

For reference, the only protein food that doesn't rot at all is walnuts. They're worth 40 protein (raw, can't be cooked) and are hard to stockpile because they grown in 12-16 days (weather permitting) and the drop rate is low enough that you might not even get one to replant a given tree. (The remaining non-rotting food is honey, as fruit, which is balanced by the need for barrel storage.)

If we avoid having bones dry out, then they should probably be worth 30-45 (20-30 x1.5) each for the effort of cooking them. A serving of 3x bone stew (remaining slot is water) would then be worth 90-135 protein, which is fine when you've got a few stacks of bones sitting in a chest and it's winter.

Also, fish probably shouldn't drop bones. They've got cartilage, which might still be valid for P fertilizer, but not for nutritious soup.

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Some rough quantities of these materials by mass in an adult human male:

Muscle 30% (including stomach, but not heart, brain, etc.)
Bone 12% (not sure if this includes the mass by marrow)
Marrow 5%

This could probably extend to pigs, so they might be about 45% kcal by meat (150 x 0.3) and 39% kcal by marrow (780 x 0.05).

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18 hours ago, Chickon_20 said:

But how would it fit into gameplay?

What would fit is making bone broth. For example you would put carrot, onion and 2x bones to make carrot onion soup. It would give you more saturation and vegetable + protein nutrition points.


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