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Captions of drifter/wolf sounds for the Hearing Impaired?


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Hello! I’m a long time player with steadily decreasing hearing abilities. Something that highly improves my gaming skills is hearing the bears and wolves before they attack me, given that they one-shot me haha. 
But over time it’s become harder for me to hear them, and I don’t want to get a speaker just to harass my neighbors with the horrible sounds of my wolfpit at full volume. 
Does anyone know of any captions mods, (like the other block game in bedrock) secret settings tricks in-game, or computer software that could help? I know there are captioning software out there but I’m worried they’ll report every little sound as a growl (given that even I think the walking gravel sound is growly)

If none of those are available, how would I go about making a mod like that? Thanks for any help, but no hard feelings if this gets no traction or response, it’s a very niche issue that I’m sure I’ll resolve somehow. 

thanks again. :)

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Check Apache's Accessibility mod. It might have something like that already.

Otherwise Spear and Fang's Buzzwords does exactly that but for wild hives. If you are comfortable with modding, it should not be that difficult to use that as a base.

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Both of the mentioned mods would be a good fit for closed captions. Suggest it on their respective pages and maybe the authors can help you.



Until a solution becomes available, this mod https://mods.vintagestory.at/mobsradar might help. It's not exactly what you are asking for, but I suppose it wouldn't hurt.

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