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Restoring ruins back into functional buildings

Horned Owl

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Just a random post but I was curious on your guys opinions on restoring ruins and then living in them.
I quite like the idea of restoring stuff and I wanted to see if anybody else also has tried it, also i wanted to show off my epic shack.
The new update sure makes me wanna do it more often with the more detailed and enhanced ruins especially ones with prebuilt cellars.



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i tend to prefer living in ruins, rather than building everything myself
on one save, i fell through the ceiling of a large ruin with three beds, so i decided to host a multiplayer server for my friends for a bit

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I always love doing this, it's so fun to restore ruins!
Sometimes you get the outline of a house already laid out for you, and sometimes you have to be a bit more creative and imagine what the rubble in front of you used to look like.

In my first ever singleplayer world I took shelter on the first night in a ruined tower, and eventually turned it into a little fortress town.

Always a good time! :D

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I've stayed away from refurbishing ruins. This is RP motivated, as I've found books (with the current character) that speak of terrible times. My characters is afraid of the ruins or what effect they'll have on him and will not stay close, other than a quick investigation. Most items he finds, he leaves there, unless they're super useful.

It's a great idea though! My next character may be looking to restore the civilisation of old, I'll have to find out!

Please follow up this post with a bigger building, once you've gotten to it! I'm very interested to see what you'll make of it!

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