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Simple Trader Note Mechanism

Alan Blue

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Imagine you have the trader's trade screen up and writing materials.

I'd really like the action of clicking on (say) "Spelt Bread in stacks of 8, demand 4" and getting a note directly that says exactly that recorded in my records. Or the log. Or anywhere.

"Otto the Survival Trader at 123, 110, -33329 requests four lots of Spelt bread in stacks of 8 with in the next 3 days". 

Even the simplest "Spelt" would be handy. 

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You arrive at a trader, and find that he wants something specific - that you don't have with you. You can't buy any or sell any. 


So, I want to basically "Give myself a mini-quest to go make this thing". I don't *have* the bread. I'm looking for some mechanism to do a fast-and-easy "Take a note" so that after I've dodged polar bears and trekked through the catacombs back to home base, (and saved the game, spent a week with other things, and come back), I know what the heck I was doing.

Ok, I'm standing here in the woods with a stack of spelt bread. Why? ... Oh, trade probably. Which trader? ...


Yes, I have game-external tools to do that. Yes, I can do it in game with the regular writing. But a "Take a note" button, or toggle, something, would make the in-game immersivity and usefulness better, imo.

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