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  1. Shi No Hakobi-te's tut helped me https://youtu.be/vHgugfWJapI
  2. google translate: About exploring natural caves In the process of survival and development, in addition to copper and lead, it is easy to find and obtain other minerals. It is very difficult to find other minerals. It is often stuck in the bronze stage and cannot make progress again. Therefore, I went to cave exploration in hopes of obtaining other minerals. However, almost all caves were found in cave exploration. It’s empty, but there are countless monsters that will attack you. The torch’s extinguishing feature makes it difficult to find a way back to the ground. Although there are a few ruins in the cave to explore, the reward for exploring the cave is too low and extremely dangerous. Many players are so uninterested in caves
  3. for what ever reason in my game play, I did not know this, interesting
  4. additionally no wolfs at the point of spawn maybe :blink:
  5. i like/want the ability to auto jump a single block (what you are calling Mantling in part). it would be nice if there was a capslock kinda thing, to set that mode. idk
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