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If deleting player data is an effective way to get around crashing at a particular location, which file(s) should I modify and to what extent?


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On my server I had an issue with a mod that seems to have caused insta-crash whenever I try to log in.  I could log in as my husband, but when I approached the location (thinking I'd move/remove the offending block) it crashed and now we're both locked out.  Reducing my view distance didn't let me log in to that world; other worlds are fine.  1.19.7
I'm interested in the idea of starting fresh, at Spawn, with no inventory.  But I don't know if it's possible to do that.  Anybody have pointers?
Meanwhile, I don't want to disrupt the world for other players (load a week-old backup, etc).

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Player data is saved in the world save file which ends in .vcdbs

It is a SQLite database. Hence, you need a SQLite database editor program to be able to open it.

Most of the contents will be unreadable binary blob data, but there should be a players table somewhere that is human readable and modifyable.

I should not even have to say this, but you should never open your savefile with an external tool without first having made a copy as a backup!

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