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Why is this happening when I try to cut open iron blooms?

Lilith Perez
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 my search for related posts on this forum was cut short by my inability to articulate this problem short of merely showcasing it. every time I try to use any left click thing on my new tier 2 anvil, it will proceed to be used a couple dozen more times within milliseconds, making it extremely difficult and laborious to do what would otherwise be a fun activity. I'm not sure whats causing this, does anyone experience this too, and if so, is there any  fix?
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2 minutes ago, Maelstrom said:

That's bizarre.  I've been banging out iron blooms on a bismuth bronze anvil.  Helping my quad helve hammer set up without any troubles whatsoever.


i disabled this mod and suddenly it began to work as normal. bewildering, it seems like its a totally visual mod. ah well.

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