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Glass working perhaps?


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I enjoy how in-depth metal working is, 
Might we get a version of that for glass working perhaps?

An evolution from working with Clay, would be nice to have Glass Jars; or even as far as some rudimentary alchemy to create tinctures and salves for healing and effects.
Or even more than that, Glass works and Glass arts; Stained Glass similar to the chiseling system to create unique works of art.

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On 5/7/2024 at 9:28 AM, Silent Shadow said:

Bottling wine to make it last longer would be nice, and it could be an upgrade over clay shaping as molds could be used to speed up the process of making containers like crocks.

There are alot of ways to go about it;
Glass making could be made more complex and on par with ever other system and open up even more technological complexity.

Like Chemistry sets that give all the plant in the game even more uses; 
Potions of Acid, Tinctures of Healing, maybe even a more refined Health System where you can cure diseases and other problems by making specific potions.

Maybe even the pathway into making more vibrant dyes.

Like taking a step beyond what Terrafirmacraft always stopped at. 

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There are a bunch of flasks, bottles, and the like already in the game, but they are only decorations found in ruins. There is also lore for alchemy in the game, including the philosopher's stone, so maybe they are planning on adding it.

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