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Squeezing, filling, emptying, eating, loading...


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It seems there are so many actions in the game that are similar but are conducted in different ways. I am a newer player and am attempting beekeeping for the first time and find it confusing when I am attempting to squeeze honey into a bowl but eat it instead. Pause the game, look up the instructions again, right click... eat. /sneak-click... eat. /run-click... eat. Why not use the same action to fill a bowl with honey as you would fill a crock with stew? One thing about VS over... the other voxel games... there is much more complexity (which I love!) but it also makes click-errors much more costly.

What am I doing wrong?!  I'm killing honeycombs... and winter is coming!

(EDIT) Okay, I figured it out...

Honey from comb to bowl = SNEAK + R-Click
Honey from bowl to bucket = R-Click

Why not make BOTH actions simply R-Click?

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I believe cause simply right clicking item when hold in hands like the honeycomb performs the eating action. When you say bowl -> bucket its different cause youre holding and item in a bowl? i know you can simply eat from the bowl aswell but i think that might be some coding thing here

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