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Mechanical Power Expansion

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New mechanical power uses:

  1. Automated panning 
  2. Ore pulverization by helve hammer or pulverizer
  3. Automated smithing via use of various tier manually smithed and expensive forging dies.
  4. Powered mixers for mass producing identical food recipes, healing items, glue, magic, or explosives
  5. Drifter macerator
  6. Firewood splitting
  7. Powered saw, could be a vintage power hacksaw or a circular saw
  8. Powered chisel for cheap mass production of stone bricks, can also split wood
  9. Powered loom
  10. Powering blower for forging, forge with blower heats up material faster
  11. Juice press
  12. Pottery wheel
  13. Lathe, an absolutely necessary machine for more advanced machinery and items which mods will certainly add. Absolutely required for many items such as axles, gun barrels, hinges, gears, even furniture items, clocks. Does not need to be an engine lathe that cuts metric and imperial threads in advanced alloys.  
  14. Rock drill, necessary for boring holes deep in rock so they can be filled with blasting powder for more efficient mining. 
  15. Grinding wheel, necessary to work iron and steel without forging. Turns forged blank tool heads into sharp mountable ones. 

Many might be redundant in current gameplay as much crafting is done instantly in minecraft style. 

Mechanical power will kill the player and entities should they walk into moving parts. 

New mechanical power blocks

  • 2x2 gears that introduce 1:2.5 ratios
  • Spur gears, large, medium, and small for more compact vertical power transfer without need of angle gears. 
  • Bronze pulley and leather belt pulleyboxes, get >3 speeds to select in a single 1x1x3 multiblock structure that enables hiding mechanical drives behind a wall. Features a clutch to disengage power to then change pulley ratio without any tools. 
  • Dog clutch, 1x1x1 version of transmission & clutch that handles more power.







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I'd certainly like to see more options for mechanical power(such as watermills or even using large animals to power querns), as windmills are not always operational and not always the most viable option in certain climates. It'd also be nice to have more late game machinery to tinker around with. My main concern though would be making things too automated--it just doesn't feel quite right for the more handcrafted vibe that Vintage Story currently has. The lore setting, as I understand it, is supposed to be Late Middle Ages, post-apocalypse. So while machinery does exist it's not to the level of what the Industrial Revolution brought, and whatever level of tech there was in the world has to be built back from scratch.

The other thing about automating everything is that it cuts out a lot of the gameplay loops that are supposed to engage the player, and many of those gameplay loops benefit each other in some way. Some players do enjoy playing this way, and a few tasks greatly benefit from automation(like querns), but automation doesn't feel like it should be the end goal for every loop.

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4 hours ago, LadyWYT said:

automation doesn't feel like it should be the end goal for every loop.

I wholeheartedly agree.
While some level of automation is much appreciated, such as that of extremely tedious, menial tasks, I'd prefer if we couldn't automate most things.
Most things are at least somewhat engaging and require thought and work, even if it's a bit grindy like smithing.

With all that said, I would still love to see further uses for mechanical power, and some of MassiveHobo's suggestions sound super cool!

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