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Modding problems in M1 Macs

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hello everybody!

I am using an M1 Mac to play the game and I find the experience so far quite solid on the mac. However, when it comes to modding I am facing quite a few problems.

Namely, even though that mods like The zoom button and Simple HUD clock work fine, other mods like Spyglass (which is similar to the zoom button) don't work, due to its items not appearing in the game at all. I have Chisel Tools installed and I get the guidebook entries but not items and the links to the items from the handbook don't work at all. And every other mod that adds items and blocks to the game does not have its item brought in the game at all and I am quite certain that might be a pattern that has a specific root issue.

I have thought about file system differences from the mod's development platform and deployment targets (linux and windows) being different from Mac and that could affect the loading of items, and that might be why UI-only mods work fine.

Another issue is that I have copied my VintageStoryData (saves and configuration, mods worked fine there) from an older windows system when I transitioned to Mac, but I think I've made the necessary file path changes as the UI-only mods load and in the mod selection screen all the mods are being recognized correctly.

Would anyone happen to know any possible explanations for this behaviour? Do we have any mac users playing the game with mods that can confirm that it is possible to load items from mods in the game on a Mac?

Below is my clientSettings config for reference:


  "keyMapping": {
    "togglemousecontrol": {
      "KeyCode": 7,
      "SecondKeyCode": null,
      "Ctrl": false,
      "Alt": false,
      "Shift": false
  "dialogPositions": {
    "inventory-backpack": {
      "X": 522,
      "Y": 185
    "blockentityinventory511961, 116, 511835": null
  "stringSettings": {
    "settingsVersion": "1.12",
    "language": "en",
    "defaultFontName": "sans-serif",
    "decorativeFontName": "Lora",
    "recordingCodec": "rawv",
    "glContextVersion": "3.3",
    "mptoken": null,
    "sessionkey": "FtX9a4QgV39LApFbfAbP4lL7JgVeIMH31I+YOl3MTvs=",
    "sessionsignature": "jt8e3OGfToQU6jPlhaAluRk7M6GFqQdwGy3M2VUKL9mFAqbPGR+aVg0dQDaHJcR7sgzssEzV73iE9NZpv9gN6aRO9bJxI2OfJf6qMEyxTXcrskibVUKYuvfM6/U6NKuggBgmLtBemT10lqohKQdE+o0WCsJp6FRTtiwRuZTQYGW2NQp2STPZW6QL+XnSI67vqHso8Javi/hxOauIFuNiBTgBWdZ8vN/v+atT6862noH9e10pkow1nig5qh5FOxwFqxdCKhevojDqaIEISikD6iiMQWtOd1CP8X6v5/KBZNGHy19fK49LR55YE4NQl0hMoZ960x44e4WTUIzrmUxxdA==",
    "useremail": "myemail@mail.com",
    "entitlements": null,
    "masterserverUrl": "https://masterserver.vintagestory.at/api/v1/servers/",
    "modDbUrl": "https://mods.vintagestory.at/",
    "audioDevice": null,
    "playeruid": "9tktFOPH/yWSmUClAZLa85TU",
    "playername": "name",
    "currentHandbookCategoryCode": "stack",
    "lastSkinSelection": "baseskin:skin14,eyecolor:bitter-lemon,underwear:twopiece,voicetype:harmonica,voicepitch:low,hairbase:indigenousbalding,hairextra:none,facialexpression:neutral,mustache:mst-line01-pencil,beard:brd-box20-full,haircolor:silverchalice"
  "intSettings": {
    "mipmapLevel": 3,
    "musicFrequency": 2,
    "graphicsPresetId": 11,
    "webRequestTimeout": 10,
    "maxAnimatedElements": 46,
    "shadowMapQuality": 1,
    "optimizeRamMode": 1,
    "ssaoQuality": 1,
    "viewDistance": 288,
    "fieldOfView": 68,
    "maxFps": 151,
    "particleLevel": 66,
    "maxDynamicLights": 25,
    "weirdMacOSMouseYOffset": 5,
    "screenshotExifDataMode": 0,
    "chunkVerticesUploadRateLimiter": 3,
    "soundLevel": 100,
    "entitySoundLevel": 100,
    "ambientSoundLevel": 100,
    "weatherSoundLevel": 3,
    "musicLevel": 3,
    "screenWidth": 1920,
    "screenHeight": 860,
    "gameWindowMode": 1,
    "rightDialogMargin": 0,
    "leftDialogMargin": 0,
    "maxQuadParticles": 8000,
    "maxCubeParticles": 4000,
    "maxAsyncQuadParticles": 80000,
    "maxAsyncCubeParticles": 80000,
    "itemCollectMode": 0,
    "mouseSmoothing": 30,
    "mouseSensivity": 50,
    "modelDataPoolMaxVertexSize": 500000,
    "modelDataPoolMaxIndexSize": 750000,
    "modelDataPoolMaxParts": 1500,
    "maxTextureAtlasWidth": 4096,
    "maxTextureAtlasHeight": 4096,
    "ambientBloomLevel": 0,
    "godRays": 1,
    "chatWindowWidth": 700,
    "chatWindowHeight": 200,
    "recordingBufferSize": 60,
    "vsyncMode": 1,
    "windowBorder": 0,
    "fpHandsFoV": 83,
    "guiColorsPreset": 1,
    "schematicMaxUploadSizeKb": 200
  "boolSettings": {
    "selectedBlockOutline": true,
    "showMoreGfxOptions": true,
    "multipleInstances": false,
    "showSurvivalHelpDialog": true,
    "showCreativeHelpDialog": true,
    "smoothShadows": true,
    "flipScreenshot": true,
    "renderClouds": true,
    "renderParticles": true,
    "transparentRenderPass": true,
    "extendedDebugInfo": false,
    "showentitydebuginfo": false,
    "showBlockInfoHud": true,
    "showBlockInteractionHelp": true,
    "showCoordinateHud": true,
    "wavingStuff": true,
    "renderMetaBlocks": false,
    "ambientParticles": true,
    "pauseGameOnLostFocus": false,
    "viewBobbing": true,
    "invertMouseYAxis": false,
    "highQualityAnimations": true,
    "occlusionculling": true,
    "developerMode": false,
    "glDebugMode": false,
    "showWhitelistedServers": true,
    "showModdedServers": true,
    "showPasswordProtectedServers": true,
    "showOpenForAllServers": true,
    "liquidFoamAndShinyEffect": true,
    "testGlExtensions": true,
    "offThreadMipMaps": false,
    "toggleSprint": false,
    "separateCtrlKeyForMouse": false,
    "allowSettingHRTFaudio": true,
    "useHRTFaudio": false,
    "force48khzHRTFaudio": true,
    "fxaa": false,
    "autoChat": true,
    "bloom": true,
    "skipNvidiaProfileCheck": false,
    "scaleScreenshot": false,
    "immersiveMouseMode": true,
    "startupErrorDialog": false,
    "alwaysOnTop": false,
    "newSeraphVoices": true,
    "hasGameServer": false,
    "showMinimapHud": true,
    "noHandbookPause": true,
    "chatdialogvisible": true,
    "immersiveFpMode": false,
    "directMouseMode": false
  "floatSettings": {
    "guiScale": 1.25,
    "fontSize": 1.0,
    "lodBias": 0.33,
    "lodBiasFar": 0.67,
    "blockAtlasSubPixelPadding": 0.01,
    "itemAtlasSubPixelPadding": 0.0,
    "gammaLevel": 2.2,
    "extraGammaLevel": 1.0,
    "brightnessLevel": 1.0,
    "sepiaLevel": 0.15,
    "cameraShakeStrength": 1.0,
    "wireframethickness": 1.0,
    "previewTransparency": 0.3,
    "fpHandsYOffset": 0.02,
    "mouseWheelSensivity": 1.0,
    "recordingFrameRate": 30.0,
    "gameTickFrameRate": -1.0,
    "instabilityWavingStrength": 1.0,
    "ssaa": 0.75,
    "megaScreenshotSizeMul": 2.0,
    "minbrightness": 0.0
  "stringListSettings": {
    "multiplayerservers": [],
    "disabledMods": [],
    "dialogPositions": [],
    "modPaths": [
    "customPlayStyles": []


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