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Cutting up old clothing


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It would be nice to be able to recycle unneeded clothing items into some usable crafting materials. That being said, I think whatever you're trying to recycle should be in good condition in order to get materials. Good condition could warrant a couple pieces of cloth or thread; Worn condition could just produce one piece of either. Anything less than that and you get nothing for the effort. That being said...I'm not really sure how you'd go about recycling. The crafting grid seems obvious, but I think that would require a lot more coding and wouldn't be able to produce random materials. Maybe placing the item on the ground and cutting it with a knife, similar to how we harvest carcasses? That might be simpler and could utilize a loot table.

Otherwise, it could just work in a similar fashion to that Torn Linen Shirt that can be turned into bandages. Once your shirt/pants reach a certain durability threshold, they can be turned into a couple of bandages.

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You can already do this with and clothing with "tattered" specifically in the name. (NOT in terms of durability).
That is:
-Tattered linen shirt
-Tattered crimson tunic
-Tattered peasant gown

Surprisingly not the torn riding pants, though I do like the purple colour they have. I wish there was a full-length version, I would totally wear those.

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