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3rd person view, character moving straight while camera panning 360?

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Is it possible to view your character walking in 3rd person, while being able to pan the camera around your character similar to that while you are on a raft? I cant seem to do it while walking on land, whenever I pan the camera, the character turns in that direction so my view is always behind. Trying to produce a short film for Youtube. 

Any help/tips is much appreciated.

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This is probably what you're looking for. I've not messed with it so I can't really give more direction than that, unfortunately.

Adding on to that though, you might also find this page useful for recording tips as well: https://wiki.vintagestory.at/index.php/Adjustable_FPS_Video_Recording

If nothing else, if you've got a friend to help, you could have them play the cameraman while you walk around, or vice versa. 😁

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