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My Town so Far


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These are a couple of screenshots of my town Limwich, as it currently stands.
I just thought that these screenshots looked pretty nice so I thought that I would share them, and I may also share some more screenshots in the future in this thread when I construct new buildings.
Also, feel free to share your thoughts on it or any ideas! :D

(Sorry for the winter colouring in these two, it's just started to get chilly. Again. 😅)



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Here's some of the community centre (not shown in previous screenshots) and the inside of the tavern, which is still a bit of a W.I.P.

Community centre exterior. It used to be a ruin, but now it contains the 'community trunk' where the few of us on the server can donate items to eachother.

Community centre interior. Not pictured: basement currently housing chickens. 😅

W.I.P. tavern interior.

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Posted (edited)
8 hours ago, Thorfinn said:

What is the wooden derrick-type structure at the base of the cliff?

It's meant to be a sort of watchtower!
It's kind of janky since the ladder hitbox basically extends over the entire top platform since it's a 3x3 space chiselled down, but it does function. :D
It took a while to chisel, though the rope bridge on the cliffs took longer. 😅

Here's some closer screenshots!


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