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Game Challenge Update, Candidate 2 (v1.10-rc.2)


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Dear Players
v1.11-rc.2 can now be downloaded through the account manager


Retouching creature animations and AI for the hundredth time :D
Some of their behaviors were still quite derpy. This update should make them act more naturally, make them more of a challenge but also yield greater rewards. Let's see how it goes!

Game updates

  • Feature: Improved creature AI
    • Added sleeping behavior to all animals
    • Animals should react twice as fast upon getting attacked now
    • When in water, creatures act like they're swimming instead of acting like underwater torpedoes
    • Sitting creatures stand up when a player gets close. Search range reduces to 0 after 10 generations of breeding
    • Male Bighorn sheep always attack players when in close range, but they will stop doing so after 10 generations of breeding
    • Creatures now will attack and chase players at the same time. They no longer have to stop to attack
    • Bighorn sheep, boars and wolves now flee from the player if their health gets low
  • Feature: Added barrel cacti to deserts. Just a decorative block for now.
  • Tweak: Creature gameplay balancing tweaks
    • Hens, Boars and bighorn sheep now require twice as many days to reproduce
    • Increased drifter melee damage for all types (2 hp => 2.5 hp, 3.5 hp => 4 hp, 6 hp => 8 hp, 8 hp => 12 hp, 16 hp => 20 hp)
    • Increased chase and flee speed for foxes and bighorn sheep
    • Increased boar flee speed
    • Slightly increased wolf chase speed
    • Decreased bighorn sheep health (20 hp => 17 hp for femals, 25 hp => 19 hp for males)
    • Increased wolf health points (10 hp => 14 hp)
    • Doubled meat, fat, bone and hide drop rates for hyenas, boars, wolves and bighorn sheep
    • Increased bighorn sheep attack speed
    • Now only takes 20 generations of breeding instead of 30 to make creatures not fear players
  • Fixed: Metal lamellae costing 1 ingot but smelting into 2 ingots
  • Fixed: Plank block costing 4 planks, but saw-able into 8 planks
  • Fixed: Creature attack animation sometimes not playing
  • Fixed: Can't shift+right click with peat in hands on a firepit to refuel
  • Fixed: Some memory leak issues related to the sign post
  • Fixed: Drop downs in the customize screen cut off in some cases
  • Fixed: Creatures sometimes were not playing their idle animation
  • Fixed: Ultra high and Glorious graphics preset were the same
  • Fixed: Game crashing when using an ore bomb
  • Fixed: Game crashing when placing a quern
  • Fixed: Player Name not shown in the chat dialog
  • Fixed: Bunch of derpiness with player and creature animation

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