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Game Challenge Update, Candidate 5 (v1.10-rc.5)

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Dear Players
v1.11-rc.5 can now be downloaded through the account manager

So this might be the last release candidate if all goes well. I would have already marked this one as stable but I did some slightly hacky things to fix some stutter and world generation issues.


Game updates

  • Tweak: Added command: ".exponepng hand" to export a png file of the currently held block/Item
  • Tweak: Reduced stutter (Technical info: Novel, albeit somewhat messy method of refreshing the block/entity hud info box without creating a new texture each time on the gpu)
  • Tweak: Reduced stutter #2 (Technical info: Statbar refreshing is now off-threaded. Seems like the blur operation was quite costly?)
  • Tweak: Chalk can now also be ground to lime
  • Tweak: Player icon on the worldmap a bit sharper
  • Tweak: Worldmap chunks a bit darker
  • Fixed: Breaking a flower pot with a lupine inside yieled a unkown block
  • Fixed: Mitigated worldgen bug where walls on chunk edges appear, particularly on tall mountains
  • Fixed: The world loading screen should now stutter significiantly less
  • Fixed: Satiety rounding issue in the character dialog
  • Fixed: Rendering glitch when looking through tinted glass at distant terrain
  • Fixed: Several blocks emitting ambient occlusion that shouldn't
  • Fixed: Raw bushmeat in barrel texture missing, again
  • Fixed: Nutrition statbars in the character dialog not refreshing while the dialog is opened

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