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Game Challenge Update, Candidate 5 (v1.10-rc.6)

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Dear Players
v1.11-rc.6 can now be downloaded through the account manager

With some slightly drastic changes to the physics simulation, for science!!
j/k, it should improve performance by a couple percent. Also more attempts in reducing stutter, this time the games camera system had to suffer.

Last rc for realzies!


Game updates

  • Tweak: The liquid foam effect can now be disabled in the graphics settings. Useful for players with low end graphics cards
  • Tweak: Reduced stutter, maybe. (technical info: correct physics time stepping, I have no idea why this was wrongly implemented for such a long time. Also not sure if it even changed anything notably. Argh.)
  • Tweak: Increased performance (technical info: reduced physics simulation tick rate by 20%, no longer necessary to tick so often. Also this broke the physics constants, so I had to re-tweak them to be hopefully as close to the old ones.)
  • Tweak: Animals no longer sit down so often
  • Fixed: Bloomery info hud showing contents twice
  • Fixed: Should fix game crashing on 32-bit systems. (technical info: Re-Added large address aware switch to the game binary)

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