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Rebalance and bugfix patch #3 (v1.11.5, v1.11.6)


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Dear Community
v1.11.5, a stable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager

[Edit:] Also released v1.11.6 to fix a crash related to the changes in the lighting system!

It's always a difficult balance to strike on whether to work on new stuff or to push more bugfix/balancing releases and when and how often and etc. :D
This balancing/bugfix release was probably worth releasing as part of v1.11 still though. Do let me know if how you think though!

Also, the wind mill is now 33% more impressive, as you can add another section of sails now 😉


Game updates

  • Tweak: Propick fix-up
    • The propick is now 12 times more sensitive - very low quantities of ore are now listed as "Miniscule quantity"
    • Gold and Silver deposits were not detected by the pro pick
  • Tweak: Land claiming fix-up
    • Reduced minimum claim area size from 6x6x6 to 5x5x5
    • Fixed "/land claim new" throwing an exception when max claims were used up
    • Fixed: Adding an area to a land claim sometimes reported that it was not adjacent although it was
  • Tweak: Wind mills now can be extended by another section. This means 3 wide wind mills are now at 75% efficiency. Add another section for 100%
  • Tweak: The bee mob now does tier 3 damage
  • Tweak: In places where gold and silver deposits spawns, the amount of small deposits are now 30-40% less
  • Fixed: In some cases game client getting laggy after longer game play
  • Fixed: Very low damage with armor was healing the player
  • Fixed: Should fix rams aggressive in the passive mode
  • Fixed: More sun lighting issues. Fully enclosed rooms did not turn dark in some cases. Might require a new chunks or /debug cr for the correct lighting to apply.
  • Fixed: Might fix some issues with player respawn
  • API Fixed: /expclang generating invalid lang entries for modded blocks

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