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Respawn patch (v1.11.9)


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Dear Community
v1.11.9, a stable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager

In an attempt to fix issues related to respawning I seem to have broken it even further in v1.11.8, but I'm fairly confident that this time I fixed it for good!

Screenshot and build by @DiZz

Game updates

  • Fixed: One more attempt to reduce stutter issue with the block info hud
  • Fixed: One more worldmap crash fixed on invalid blocks
  • Fixed: Respawning not working properly in many cases. This might, at long last, fix all respawn related issues.
  • Fixed: One more attempt at fixing a very rare SQLite Error
  • Fixed: Salt bed deposits were not supposed to spawn visibly on the sides of cliffs. This change should notably reduce them.
  • Fixed: Some serious berry harvesting oddities (crashing, bushes duplicating, etc.)
  • Fixed: Other players armor in multiplayer not updating or glitchy
  • Fixed: Should prevent caves filled with saltpeter
  • Fixed: Mitigate lava falls very transparent
  • Fixed: Distant clouds cut off (technical info: doubled z-far clipping plane distance from 1500 to 3000. Might cause new z-fighting or clipping issues, but lets see)

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