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Shelf storage (v1.11.10)


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Dear Community
v1.11.10, a stable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager

So turns out you were not able to use pickled vegetables as part of cooking. I could not let this rest and *had* to make a patch for that.
Why do you ask? Maybe I'm being OCD about minor details? Perhaps its some odd form of procrastination so I don't have to work on v1.12? Is it due the community excitedly going like "We love you, but give us more features, you pleb!"? Or am I too embarrassed over my own mistakes? We'll never know! :D

Also you can put crucibles and bowls on shelves now! \o/


Game updates

  • Feature: Shelves can now also hold bowls, and crucibles
  • Tweak: The angry bee mob model now more closely resembles the peaceful bees
  • Tweak: Set zfar to 3000 blocks so very distant clouds are also rendered, lets see how that goes. Might cause additional z-fighting or clipping issues
  • Fixed: Might fix or mitigate fall damage when standing very close to the edge
  • Fixed: Gold and silver chain not smith-able
  • Fixed: Some of the underground loot logging an error ("Cannot fix itemstack mapping") and deleting itself
  • Fixed: An early server shutdown caused the calendar system to throw an exception
  • Fixed: Pickled vegetables could not be used in meals
  • Fixed: Worldmap broken near the world edge
  • Fixed: Translocator throwing exceptions when near the world edge


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