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Help: Modding in new types of cobble/brick?


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I went ahead and made some textures for bauxite cobblestone and bricks. They're not perfect but they'll do. But I can't figure out how to get them into the game. There is a bauxite texture for each type in the texture folders, lined up with the other stone types. I looked in the blocktypes files and I don't see anything that I would need to change to add the blocks, it seems to just direct to the folder with the textures, where the bauxite textures are. In the grid recipe files for cobble, cobble stairs, slab, etc., I added "bauxite" to the allowedVariants section. But the blocks don't show up in the creative inventory, and I can't make them with a recipe.

I'm sure I'm missing something, since I've never modded in a block before. Is there a kind modder out there who will help me figure out what I'm missing? Thanks so much!

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