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  1. Yeah some of this feels a bit like "how do we force everyone to play in one specific way?" which is... why? If someone likes cheesing the drifters with murder holes, why prevent them? If someone doesn't find that playstyle fulfilling, then why wouldn't they just play the way they want? I feel a bit like too many people are asking "how do we force EVERYONE to have to FIGHT all the enemies in the storms?" and not enough asking "why do some people not like the storms?" If someone just doesn't like combat, cheesing it seems reasonable. I think for me, they're just an annoyance that provides absolutely no benefit, so why WOULD I play them legit? If the game were altered to make it impossible to cheese the storms, I would simply disable them in every single world I generate, because there's no benefit to them. Vintage Story is a sandbox. It's not specifically a fighting game. Fighting is one part of it, but there are many other aspects that have nothing to do with combat, and some of us play primarily for those. I like the wilderness survival bit. I like exploring, crafting, and building. I love cooking interesting meals and baking pies. I don't care about the scary monsters bit. I think it's great that there are interesting monsters for the folks who like fighting. Anyone who wants to fight them is already free to do so. But folks who are avoiding them are doing so for a reason. If you want to encourage everyone to fight the monsters, then there needs to be a suitable reward for doing so.
  2. Unfortunately, finding ore in this game is mostly about luck. The prospecting pick does NOT work the way you would expect, especially if you've played Minecraft TFC. Basically, in its main mode, the propick does NOT tell you how much ore is nearby. It only tells you the chance that the game might have generated some ore nearby. You canNOT use it to triangulate where ore is. Digging wherever the propick gives you the highest percentage in no way guarantees you'll find anything. Sometimes the ore is in an area with a lower percentage. Sometimes there's no ore at all. And yes, it is TREMENDOUSLY frustrating and I wish it would just work like the TFC one, let you triangulate where the highest concentration of ore is and dig down. As it stands, your only real option is to find an area where the propick gives a reasonably high concentration of what you're looking for, then either dig a ton of holes in the area and hope you get lucky, or find a cave system to explore (potentially very difficult and dangerous depending on your gear and how good you are at combat or cheesing enemies). It's a nightmare and I and other players have been begging them to change how propicks work for ages and they have not done so, so I guess it's unlikely that it will ever be more useful or intuitive. If someone ever makes a mod that creates a propick that works like the TFC one I'll be all over it, but I'm not sure how likely that is - it would probably be pretty complex to make. In the meantime, you can at least reduce your frustration by cranking up the ore density when you create the world. That'll make ores common enough that you're not pulling your hair out searching for them. You can also do this in a world that's already generated using commands, but it will only affect newly-generated chunks.
  3. At the moment the temporal storms, the more difficult enemies deeper underground, temporal instability (the green gear at the bottom of the screen which goes up or down depending on the "temporal stability" in your area - if it gets too low, you start to get visual effects and more enemies spawning), and the lore you can find in journals are just about it for the "Lovecraftian" side of things. Temporal storms are mostly just a hassle at the moment without any real benefit (and a lot of players disable or sleep through them), but I believe there are plans to add more to that aspect of the game in the future. There are heavier storms, but they just have stronger visual effects and harder enemies. For now the majority of the game is a pretty standard survival sandbox.
  4. I know how to use the /gamemode command to change my own gamemode, or to change it for a specific player. Is there a way to change the default gamemode for all new players joining a server? Maybe something in the server config? It may be really obvious and I'm just not spotting it. >_< EDIT: Actually, I think I found it under "defaultgamemode". Was looking for the word "survival", didn't realize the config relied on the numbers (which I had to look up). I think it's working now. EDIT2: Actually, no, that didn't work at all. Help!
  5. Did you restart the server? It's not enough to relog. The server itself has to be restarted after entering the command.
  6. Also be aware that if you make really tiny worlds, they are currently bugged and will not work properly. I don't know what the minimum threshold is but after a lot of experimentation I found that if you make a really small world (less than 1000 blocks or so), when you leave the world and try to reopen it it will give you an error and fail to load. I left a bug report on this ages and ages ago in the bug tracker and it was acknowledged but there have never been any updates - I guess it's not a priority for the devs. (I do hope they fix it eventually. I want to make tiny arena worlds for multiplayer events.)
  7. Ari

    Snow Depth

    I believe fallen snow can only get up to half a block in height (which is indeed enough for mobs to walk over fences next to it). In very cold areas, full snow blocks can be generated on worldgen.
  8. +1 to this. I've been asking for toggles (at least options for toggles) to replace the need to hold down the mouse button for ages because I have chronic wrist problems. I know there are third party programs that can do it but it's a lot of extra work to set up something like that, and hopefully it wouldn't be too hard to add it to the game itself.
  9. "Almost all the time" is definitely too much. I'm not sure what all the in-game "translations" are of the numbers but if you have access to and are willing to use commands, you can try /wgen pos climate to get a detailed list of climate info for where you're standing. Bees are easiest to find in forests, of course. In my experience, they spawn in the "wolf country" areas with mushrooms and a variety of trees, in birch forests, or if you want to avoid wolves you can head south far enough to get warmer biomes (where sunflowers start to spawn) and search through forests risk-free. You can also find them in acacia areas but then you have to deal with hyenas. You won't find them in jungles (too wet) and I generally don't find them in pine forests (maybe because too much rain or too cold, maybe because the trees are so tall you wouldn't hear the bees up high, not sure). Easiest rules of thumb for me are that if you see mushrooms or soybeans growing around, or if there are lots of birch trees in one area, it's probably possible to find bees there. Of course, actually finding them is largely luck. Best way to do it is to turn the weather volume slider all the way down, the main volume up, and walk around slowly listening for the buzz.
  10. Crafting most clothes requires a sewing kit, which can only be crafted by clothier class characters (I'm just a commoner). It does appear that you can make some fur clothing without it but it requires quite a lot of hides. At this point it's nearly the end of February and it's warming up anyway, so it's probably not worth doing, but I'll have to keep that in mind for next time. I don't remember that being added to the game at all, must not have gotten much fanfare. In any case, I've been keeping busy making chain and doing a bit of not-too-far exploring (always bringing what I need to make a campfire when I get too cold). I actually managed to find some halite, which was handy. Still searching for borax... I swear I used to see borax EVERYWHERE. I used to be tripping over the stuff back when it had no use. But now there's none to be found! I'm exploring a big area of sedimentary stone and crossing my fingers. Seems like you only need one piece to start steelmaking... I have noticed that the seasonal changes are totally unconnected with the temperature. It's still consistently hitting -16 or so, but all the snow and ice is melting. I suppose that must just happen based on the core temperature of the area and the calendar date. But if it's warm enough for snow and ice to melt, the temperature should be higher so I'm not freezing to death if I fall in the now-exposed water!
  11. The game is not designed to run over a virtual LAN. It is designed for servers, and there are many options available for running servers, including running one for free on your own computer if it's powerful enough and you have a strong internet connection. If you purchased the game expecting it to do something it was not designed to do, and then it wasn't able to do that, that's not really the fault of the game or its developers. If Hamachi isn't working the way you want, you need to look into Hamachi support, not angrily complain that the game doesn't magically work with a third-party program. This game is made by a 2-person team and demanding that they drop everything they're working on to add functionality just because you want it isn't going to get you anywhere. If you're unsatisfied and no longer want the game, the devs are usually willing to give refunds if you contact them.
  12. You can click and drag in the crafting grid to evenly distribute items across multiple spaces (for example, hold a stack of reeds and click and drag slowly around the outside cells of the crafting grid will drop 8 reeds in each slot to make a couple of baskets). You can also right-click to drop just one item at a time in each space. The game does have a steep learning curve for a newcomer but the handbook will explain most things, and you can always ask more questions here.
  13. So I decided to make myself some iron chain armor and.... This is gonna keep me busy for a while. Wow does the chain take a long time to make, and it's 2 ingots a piece. 20 are needed for the full set. I'm going to need to make a run for wood for charcoal, I'm gonna run out. Also gonna run out of leather - so much is required for armor!
  14. Nice ideas, thanks. Automation is unfortunately held back for me due to a shortage of flax for windmills. I have one small one but it doesn't even move a lot of the time, and not enough flax to make it bigger. If I'm lucky it'll grind up a stack of chalk over the course of a few days. I got lucky and managed to find iron and tin close to my base so I progressed quickly through the metals but I'm still in my first game year and getting a proper farm set up took longer than expected (and I had bad luck finding flax seeds) so that removes a lot of options. What little flax materials I had left I had to save for repairing my clothes. I suppose I could travel and search for borax and halite, do need both, but traveling in the winter is just miserable and prospecting is such a chore. I hate that it's so imprecise. Like, having a tool that tells you exactly where the metal is underground (like in Minecraft TFC) is unrealistic, sure, but so is the prospecting that exists in VS. They've made it difficult and imprecise just to add to the grind, not for realism. I wouldn't mind it so much if it were precise. Like, if the highest percentage of an ore meant dig down and you'll find that ore, cool. But instead it just means "here's your best shot, no guarantees" and half the time I dig down at the highest percentage and don't find anything at all, and when I actually find ore it's in an area with a lower percentage according to the propick. Makes me not want to bother. I also don't want to go too far since I'd like to get all my sows pregnant (and I'm out of grain and veg for them, so it's a lot of shoveling snow and cutting grass). And I only have the starting clothes, haven't found any more (or any clothing traders), so I don't have options for extra warmth when I go out. There is a cave nearby where I found tin where I'm pretty sure there's more tin to be found, but I also spotted some locusts down below and I'm terrible at the combat and have no proper armor. I suppose I could spend a few days working on some iron armor (if I have enough leather, which is questionable, but I can kill some of the pigs and process more up) and then head over there to explore. I don't actually need more tin but maybe there's something interesting in the caves, ruins or some such. I just really hate caving, I don't enjoy the combat and don't want to die down there and lose my stuff. But yeah, I suppose grindy tasks are a reasonable choice. Make more iron blooms and work them into ingots, spend a day traveling to the nearest forest and gathering wood for charcoal, maybe chiseling a sculpture or two. I toyed with the idea of making a greenhouse and trying to grow some of the more cold-tolerant crops but it's cold enough that I don't think the extra 5 degrees are going to help. I guess I could set up a greenhouse for early spring, at least. I have actually already panned about a stack of bony soil and have a stack of books I could read on a particularly cold day. Or I can just spend a day or two panning some sand or gravel, see if I get lucky and find something rare.
  15. I'm mid-winter in my current playthrough, first time playing this long in a world since seasons were added to the game. Everything is covered with snow which is cool but makes exploration (mainly looking for borax so I can make steel) too difficult to be worth it. It's also cold enough and the days are short enough that travel is just a huge pain. So I'm hanging out at home. I built a barn and a chicken coop and rounded up some animals (kept indoors so they can't use the snow to escape their pens). Been shoveling away snow in grassy areas and cutting grass to feed my pigs, hoping for piglets before too long, but that's pretty tedious and I've gone through two iron shovels from the snow. Made backups of all my iron tools already. I spend some days smelting ingots of whatever metals I have and preparing more iron blooms, but that gets tedious after a while. I don't really have anything I need to make from clay, already have plenty of bowls and vessels and several tall stacks of fire bricks. Basically I'm trying to think of something else interesting to do that doesn't involve travel/exploration. What do others do during the cold winter months?
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