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Waste metal recovery

Jeremy Betts

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The ability to recover wasted metals from smelting would be a great addition to the new smithing system. Currently you hammer everything out to the perfect shape, then just delete all the excess voxels. That's not particularly realistic IMO. You should be able to separate the unused voxels off to the side, as long as they are not touching the item you are actually making. You are then given the item you made and a chunk of voxels, (ideally a voxel corresponds to an amount of units of the metal). You can then throw the chunk of metal voxels back into a crucible to recover them. This would not only be more realistic than the waste vanishing, but also allows you to be far more efficient with your metals. Especially in case you make a mistake and have to add a whole ingot jut for  1-2 additional voxels, you can then get back the rest of the bar.

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