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  1. Yukihira_S

    Farming 2.0

    I like every innovation that can make the game more immersive and realistic. Calendar is an interesting idea but I think it should be craftable and not just a built-in GUI. Crop breeding ideas are also nice but, for the moment, I would be happy with a more realistic seed collecting system: for grains the seed is the crop itself while other plants need to be let beyond the harvest time in order to collect seeds (e.g. For onions it's necessary to wait until the plant don't makes the flower).
  2. Good idea. I should add that IRL when a metal tool broke down you can recover scrap metal (just saying)
  3. My idea of a sandbox game is similar to the yours Aira. Nevertheless I understand the point of view of SCC. In my opinion, VS is a game which has a great potential and maybe, in future updates, some more crazy Flux infused biomes may be added; NPCs could give you quests that you may accept and some more RPG elements may be included. Who knows? Let's wait and enjoy the new things that come with every updates.
  4. OK. Do you have any proposals? What would be exciting for you?
  5. Vintage Story, as Minecraft, is a game where you can do a lot but you don't actually have to do much beside ensure your survival. If you ask me, I can answer that i decide my own quests like improve my gears, find a certain resource and so on. I can add that stop to play a map every time because... I don't know why, I just don't like to keep playing if I got killed. Anyway, the "time stability" thing offers a lot of possibilities. Investigate to find out what is happened to the world is already possible. Maybe find a way to fix it could be the ultimate goal. I also hope that in future survival will be harder and it will be possible to interact more with NPCs. I say this because since I like to build things I need workforce .
  6. I'd love to have a pottery oven. I cannot agree on that, pottery and baking ovens are by constructive point of view quite different.
  7. Good morning! This discussion is linked to the other that talk about combat but it's about using natural elements to create nasty things and also about enemies. First of all, I suppose that all of you ladies and gentlemen have experienced a night closed in your shelters made of dirt with drifters pushing against the walls. Drifters behavior is improved compared to the other versions nevertheless I think they could become a more serious opponent giving them the ability of breaking certain blocks and therefore give them the chance to eventually break inside our shelters. On the other hand, I suppose that it should be nice to be able to realize traps and obstacles. At the base of them should be the punjis which can be crafted from bamboo and a knife and then placed on the ground. Punji placed on the ground should damage all the mobs which push against the side where the Punji is oriented. Another nice thing that could be easly done is a pit cover made with sticks and grass. This cover should be used to cover pits (which can include vertically placed Punjis) in order to make them invisible to mobs and as consequence, let them fall down if they step over them.
  8. I think that your suggestions can dramatically improve the gameplay. Maximum Stamina level should be increased by doing stuffs and decreased by idleness overtime. I'd love to be able to parry a drifter and stab it with my spear in pure dark souls style. In order to be able to do that the game should give you the chance to do a parry and a critical hit. Also a chance of critical failure should be interesting like losing equilibrium or lose your weapon. Another idea: ranged attack for axe and knife.
  9. Yukihira_S

    Fast Travel

    Is there a faster way to travel than teleport? To make my travel faster I usually build roads by leveling the terrain and placing slabs that makes you walk faster (I don't remember the name, shame on me ) . It's a long and hard job but it's useful and give satisfaction (at least to me). Returning to the topic, I hope that in the future boats and carts will be implemented more as mobile storage rather than means of transportation.
  10. Time ago I proposed to introduce sacks to store bulk goods like seeds, stones, ore nuggets, coal and so on. Sacks could hold multiple stacks of the same item and then piled. For example, if we consider 4 sacks for a block space and 4 stacks for sack we can have the same storage space of a chest. I should add that I've never made a linen sack because backpacks are easier to make during the early game and also more capacious therefore I suppose that they can be more useful as an advanced storage system.
  11. I can't wait to play with those new features. I really like the shape that the game is taking.
  12. Yukihira_S


    What you said is really interesting. I hope that VS finally develops into a game that privileges teamwork, where players act like a party in a RPG. In other words, in a players party there should be place for a sorcer/priest who can ensure that deities keep to grant their favor to the party's settlement. Here's another idea: to make the thing more active and less boring for the player the sorcer should be able to enter into a trance state and start to play in a sort of spiritual world which could be similar to the overworld but in this parallel dimention the player should be able to kill evil spirits and complete quests given by a certain deity. Obviously, to a quest completions should correspond a buff.
  13. Yukihira_S


    I was thinking again about your idea. Actually the Totem thing may be an interesting addition to the game. I thought that a Totem placed on your settlement may give you some indirect advantages linked to a certain deity. Here some suggestions: a totem devoted to a protective idol may reduce the chances to meet hostile mobs in the surrounding area or a fertility one may increase your crops' yield. After totems, the next tier could be temples which can store multiple idols and an altar to make offers. I suppose that some objects like weapons, tools, and armour (not yet introduced) may be "blessed" to obtain buffs. Nevertheless, I think that spells could end up to change the game too much.
  14. I would be contented just with wheelbarrows and sledges to carry more rubbish when I wander around
  15. Yukihira_S


    First of all I'd like to thank you for your contribute. Honestly I'm not fond of magic. Nevertheless, I think that it would be nice to introduce some more herbal medicine (when I check the handbook I can see many herbs which can be used as spices and to brew medications) and chemistry in order to obtain remedies for various afflictions and pave the way for a technological development. Some examples with already existing items: From sulphur you can make sulphuric acid which can be used with lead to make accumulators. From ashes it's possible to obtain potassium hydroxide (useful to make salt peter) and lime.
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