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  1. Since in game is there gunpowder already why not add flintlock guns, hand grenades and artillery (just in case the developers decide to add big hostile mobs)
  2. Not to mention the waste of the forging process...
  3. If there are sheeps I don't see why there shouldn't be wool. In the latest update milking has been introduced. Hopefully also shearing will soon be added.
  4. What it would be nice to have in my opinion is a way to enhance the temporal stability in a restricted area. Some kind of craftable machine which nullify the effects of temporal storm. I think it will be part of base's security and moreover, the mere crafting of such a machine could be a quest.
  5. I remember that I've asked a similar question time ago. Making aluminum sounds cool but lately I thought: ok, we can make aluminum but to do what? I mean, in a steam punky world iron and steel isn't enough?
  6. It was a hard choice but I voted for "ocean and boats" because in a such a diverse and huge world it is nice to have a mean of transportation other than legs. Plus, sail through a vast ocean on a sail ship carrying home my loots would definitely makes me happy.
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