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  1. Here my impressions Trees Rather than have a huge variety of plants I'd like to have a realistic grow and spread mechanichs for trees. I mean, instead go straight from saplings to a full grown tree it would be nice to see sapling > small tree (trunk) > medium size tree > huge/ancient tree. Saplings should naturally spawn near trees and eventually grow up or die depending by climate conditions and/or a random factor. More specifically, after a sapling is planted it should turn in a 2-blocks tall trunk after some time. A trunk could be harvested to make particular crafting (bow after curing and carving, club, spear, shaft) or splitted with axe to obtain 2 firewood. After some time the trunk would turn in 2 logs, which would develop more leaves, brancy leaves and trunks. Brewing While I think that magic or alchemy is not necessary, it would be wonderful to have the chance to make potions or do simple chemical reaction to obtain new materials or items, some bonus and cure certain afflictions, in case the developers decide to improve the health system.
  2. My idea of electricity is very basic. Honestly I think it's a good to have thing just to make aluminum out of bauxite by electrolysis. Perhaps it would be possible to add electric lights (obviously more powerful than lanterns) and electric motors/dinamos without spoil the personality of the game.
  3. Very nice! What do you think about adding also conveyor belts? And what is your opinion about steam power and electricity?
  4. Here we have an excellent example of a pit trap that can be crafted in game by using sticks, grass and eventually some cordage.
  5. Metallic gin traps are cool. Anyway, in the early game I would be happy with punji barriers and pits. More precisely: barriers can be made by some sticks (or bamboos) sharpened with a knife and placed on a dirt block.
  6. Usually, IRL a tool brake down for 3 reasons: the handle breaks down, the head does or the binding between the part fails. This aspects may be simulated by using probabilities: every time you use a tool there is a chance to break it. In this case, when a tool breaks down you may obtain scrap metal (which can be resmelted) and a stick In case the head brakes down; a tool head in case the stick is broken and both the parts if the binding fails. Obviously this implies to get rid of the classic "durability points" system.
  7. Hello everyone! Probably the lore of the game has been already decided I but since I'm stuck at home because of the epidemic I thought about a story for VS. I hope you'll like it. Background: a temporal disaster. Before the Drift humanity reached an incredible technological level. After mastered the strength of the elements scholars found out that it was possible to bend the very fabric of the space-time to make people to travel thousands of blocks in a blink of eye. Fueled by these amazing achievements the hubris of scientists run wild and soon they started to speculate about reaching the moon and other planets. To do so, they built a new device, a device immensely powerful. In the day of activation people were ecstatic: all the world wanted to witness that historical moment. The levers were flipped and the giant machine started to work. The passage were open but soon the tecnicians found out to have lost the control of the machine. A massive tide of energy scorched the world destroying buildings and killing people. Luckily the tide didn't engulf the whole planet and some areas were spared... Here's the background. We start in a world which has a technological level that can be compared to the victorian age: mechanical energy provided by wind, water, animal and steam is common while electricity had been just discovered but beside the "real world" property it can eventually act on the space-time making teleport possible. The Drift has to be intended as a tide of energy which isolated some areas of the planets and that it is still in place at the moment when the story begins in form of a unpassable barrier because the machine which created it is still working. Beyond the Drift, the outher world does not seem hostile to life infact plants and animals survived plus, eventually, some ferals NPCs. The mission. You and other people has been selected to cross the Drift to locate the machine and then deactivate it in order to bring back equilibrium to the world. To do so, the team will be teleported using the last working machine. Unfortunately the machine didn't work very good and it lost all your gear during the transport. As it wasn't enough, it broke down after transferring you thus the rest of the team won't be able to follow you. So now you are naked and alone in a hostile world. Your only hope is to find the machine and switch it down. Ok, this thingh that you arrive naked and unequipped reminds the beginning of the movie Terminator. Nevertheless, at the arrival point you may be able to find random clothes and tools. Progressing in game You are already a resourceful person, that's why you have been chosen for this mission. Your abilities may be random or chosen at the beginning of the game. Nevertheless you can still improve yourself by retrieveving and analyzing documents and artifacts. This should improve your stats and unlock crafting recipes. Reacing the main goal To find the machine the first thing to do is to locate it. You can do so in 2 ways: by finding maps and documents or wandering around in order to find the place were there is the lower temporal stability. Obviously, some special equipment has to be crafted in order to survive in such environment. So, what do you think?
  8. I wish that the ultimate goal of the game could be to restore the temporal stability in the world. Also craftable "temporal stabilizer" would be an interesting addition
  9. I agree. I never really liked that magical redstone thing in Minecraft. In VS we already have everything is needed to make electricity. For example, Sulphur can be used to make sulphuric acid which, combined with lead, make accumulators.
  10. Ok, I'll take all of them. More seriously, I voted for a better combat system because I must admit that I don't like when drifters punch the air and somehow I take damage. About weapons, I'd like to be able to improve the present ones for example by using grindstone to give them the buff "sharpened". A shield would be a very nice addition. In the late game it would be great to have access to flintlock fireweapons since in VS there are already every thing is needed to make them. Combat mechanics can be improved greatly if it would be possible to make parries and hit the weak spots of the target in order to deal a critical hit. To make the things fair, the pesky drifters should be able to do the same.
  11. I like the mechanical power in VS but I hope that electrical power will be introduced. Rather for automation I hope to be able to use electricity for lighting and material processing. In particular, electricity is necessary to make aluminum out bauxite. PS. Also steam power would be great
  12. During my present run I've found no shallow deposit of nor a single nugget by panning. The only tin I've found come from traders and from a single container found in a ruin. On the other hand, I've found a meteoric iron in 3 different spots and now I have 36 iron ingots and 6 tin bronze ones.
  13. As far as I know there are not natural materials that can give the same performance of leather. About the cruelty issue, you may avoid to hunt but still you'll have to defend yourself against hostile mobs so... I don't think that it's possible to go 100% vegan without radically redesign the game.
  14. Hi, nice post but where's the cheese? More seriously, I really hope that in the next updates some RPG elements will be included. In other discussions it come out the idea of learning to do stuffs like crafting recipes, clay forming and so on which would be a very cool addition in my opinion.
  15. I also want that so bad... a map that can helps you in keeping track of your exploration. Maybe a map that you can make by crafting paper and some kind of writing tool.
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