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  1. I suppose that introducing food decaying will make ice boxes (along with other ways to preserve food) a necessity. In future, if extreme cold will be a thing that can affect the player also igloos building will be a thingh. I will appreciate if walking on the snow will seriously slow down the player or make the food saturation decrease faster unless snow shoes or skis are worn. They can be either craftable or lootable in dungeons. Also using sledges to transport verious items through icy or snowy terrain would be an interesting addiction.
  2. I really appreciate Stroam's ideas to improve VS. If I can add something to the discussion, I'd like to say that I actually do hiking and practice survival in real life hence I think that introducing more accurate survival mechanics, could give also a didactic value to the game
  3. Some ideas to make the game different and perhaps more interesting than minecraft: 1. Enphasize the survival aspect by introducing stats like fatigue, thirst, hot/cold and so on. 2. Introducing afflictions like infections, common cold, psychic traumas and some kind of immersive way to heal them. (I'm thinking about the survival visor of metal gear 3 in this moment) 3. I also vote for the weight based inventory and since it will inevitably reduce the carry capability more "stuffs on the ground" solutions should be inplemented. In particular, I'm thinking about storing bulk materials like rocks, ore nuggets or seeds in bags that can be either let on the ground without despawn, hung on trees (to prevent animals to destroy them if full of food) or combined with a frame made of sticks in order to make a Yukon pack.
  4. I can say that I'm satisfied of the actual cooking system. Right now, the only thing that in my opinion would be nice to add is the possibility of make sandwiches with meat and bread. It would be the ideal food when I wander around the world looking for resources. A nice thing to add would be the leavening process in order to obtain different products.
  5. Hello everyone. This is my 1st post on this forum hence I would like to thank Tyrone and all the ones who are involved in the development of the game. Keep up with the excellent work! I'd like to give my little contribution by telling you about my experience with building materials. Let's start with clay: in my opinion clay is a fine material to make roofs. During a run I decided that I wanted to top my base's buildings with blue clay stairs and slabs in order to simulate a tiled roof. I cooked some clay and I realized that the process yelds one block of clay instead a single brick. Who wants to make a block of brick has to use 4 units of clay for a single brick. To me this is a nonsense: why a single brick should be 4 times more expensive than a block made of the same material? It would be more logic if 1 or 2 pieces of clay made a brick and 9 made a raw block. Another 2 ideas about bricks: 1. Bricks forming. Instead putting the clay on the crafting table it would be nice to craft a wooden frame then put the frame(s) on the ground and fill it with softened clay (clay + water, in a similar fashion of bread dough). After a certain amount of time the sunlight would dry the bricks and make them ready for being cooked. 2. Bricks cooking. It would be nice if it was possible to build a multi block structure (like the charcoal making one) where raw bricks can be cooked in large batches. In order to make stones collection more efficient my suggestion is to use both hands: the left hand would hold the chisel and the right one the hammer. Hitting a rock block a certain amount of times would drop the whole block. I suppose that this thing could pave the way for other 2 hands mechanics like: quiver and bow or tongs and hammer for metal forging. Right now clay is used as binding agent to make brick blocks. I think that it could be interesting to use lime instead. Burning animal bones or certain types of stone on a campfire would yeld dye which mixed with water would make lime. The mixing could be made in an empty bucket placed on the ground instead using the crafting table.
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