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Plant and Animal Domestication - Appearance


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Now, I know that animals can be domesticated and the plant species are already there, but one little feature I'd like to see is a domestication altering the appearance of the plants and animals. When humans first came about, flax, carrots, parsnips et al weren't a thing, and nor were domestic pigs, cattle, sheep etc. These evolved from wild ancestors after thousands of years of domestication. Now obviously this game isn't going to last thousands of years, so it'd have to be sped up, but I'd like it if the plants started off looking more wild and as you repeatedly planted them they'd start looking more and more like their modern day relatives. If it was mixed with some sort of mutation mechanic, it could be that as you increase yield, growth speed etc. the plants start to change appearance. If a similar mechanic was added to the animals, it'd be nice as well.

It'd just be a nice little progress mechanic, nothing vital just a way of showing how you've moved from hunter-gatherer to sedentary.

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I was going to start a topic to suggest exactly this. I really hope some form of aesthetic change is added to mirror real life gradual selective breeding/domestication, it would bring our worlds to life just that little bit more, in a subtle but appreciable way.


Edit: Was looking at the roadmap, 

"Multi-generational animal domestication" is on there, so hopefully something like this is planned

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I know this is a pretty old thread, but it looks like, to me at least, that whatever past society there was had already selectively bred and grew these animals and plants, and the players are merely just picking up the pieces of what was left? Animals (at least in the version me and my friends play on) really only just de-feralize (idk if that's a real word) and become acquainted with and less afraid of Seraphs (and probably humans too).

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