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  1. (Kinda spoiler warning for lore.) What lore I've come across imply that the drifters are corrupted humans who have been warped by the temporal shifts. So, what if there were cave colonies that the drifters spawned around? Colonies might have other, less hostile mobs inside the low tunnels, with possibly loot or story fragments.
  2. Thanks! Each update does so much.
  3. BF and I made the mistake of thinking the fly agaric would be safe to eat once cooked. I hope to see more mushroom types, probably when alchemy is added to the game and they can have a purpose.
  4. Rendrassa


    It sounds like 1.15 is going to be a large animal/vegetation update, so horses may just happen.
  5. Just found your mod, eager to see the update cause we're already using 1.14! You've got a really good mod!
  6. I hadn't even thought about decoration, I'm that strapped for lime! XD
  7. Having been obsessed with the game for a few weeks now, I've discovered a major issue with advancing into better armor and backpacks is getting lime for leatherworking. Traveling around for ages trying to find any sources of it are starting to really hamper the fun, and seashells are fairly rare where I've looked. So, I'd love to see a rare chance of getting them through panning sand. I know it would be very simple to do, but I have no modding skills, so I'm hoping this will reach the devs or a bored modder.
  8. Been playing with my BF and we've started trapping animals. While doing so, we end up with a decent mix of certain animals in the "wrong" pens. I'd really like to be able to net the chickens, piglets, rabbits and raccoons when I'm close enough to interact with them. (Also used on fish when those are implemented.) To further note: the nets would NOT kill any animals (except fish, technically) and you can only transport one animal at a time. Maybe even set up so that you can't interact with other things when holding a full net. It could even have low/one-use durability, depending on crafting materials.
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