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How to access inventory?


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I know that the "E" key accesses the "Backpack Contents" but once my hotbar was full, none of the items I picked up were in there. Is there another inventory menu that I'm missing? I'm also not sure how to place items in my backpack or whether I'm supposed to be able to.

Also, what are the slots out to the right of the hotbar? I can't seem to place any items in there.


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Know how World of warcraft inventory works? That's how it's in Vintage story! :-)

The 4 hotbar slots on the right can hold special bag containers (currently the sack and and the basket). Putting these in your 4 backback slots will give you the backback inventory that you are looking for ;-)

In other words, in the beginning you only have those 10 slots in your hotbar and you have to grow your inventory space with bags/backpacks/satchels.

I should probably add a sentence there, like "Acquire bag containers to increase your inventory space"

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