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Caves, Ores and Particles


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- The Chunk Renderer has been rewritten. This is a big thing because the old system did not allow (what i am aware of) to use shaders on chunks and at the same time I used a very efficient system that collects up to 1000 chunks and draws them in one go (graphics cards are much faster when drawing a lot in one go). 

- The terrain is now permeated with long windy caves! These caves also branch off and produce caverns. In the long term there is a lot I still want to add to the cave system.

- The underground now also has Vintagecraft-Style deposits or copper, iron ore, tin ore, bismuth ore and so on.

- We've added the basics for an efficient particle system using a technique called instanced rendering. On my Laptop (Dell Inspiron 15Z) it currently can draw over 20.000 Particles without lagging the game.

- The grass block sides are now smoothly tinted, which looks pretty nice

Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/4DR9S

Up next: Some more work on Terrain gen, preparing for new lighting system

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