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Crash on Startup Fix (v1.12.6)


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Dear community
v1.12.6, an stable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager

Looks like I made a tiny mistake that will cause to crash the game for literally everyone 😱
To fix it I went ahead and quickly made v1.12.6 a stable release containing a fix for this.

The reason was that the game used to ship with 10 main menu background images which change once per week, but at some point we exchanged them with 8 new ones without telling the game about it! I've now fixed that and made it so that the game also no longer crashes if any of the background images are missing.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

I've meant version v1.12.6 to contain a few more fixes and have some more testing done on it, but an early release of it is better than no working game at all, so these will have to wait for v1.12.7 it seems.

If you want to stay on v1.12.5
Create the files assets\game\textures\gui\backgrounds\mainmenu9.png and assets\game\textures\gui\backgrounds\mainmenu10.png, for example by duplicating mainmenu8.png. The path can be found in your Vintage Story game installation directory, usually %appdata%.

Game updates

  • Fixed: Game crashing on startup

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Just a heads up, I wouldn't quite call it a "bug", but when we updated from 1.12.3 to 1.12.6 we started noticing a lot of frame lag on the server, and we've all had similar experiences in single-player worlds. A lot of frame drops, brief freezes, etc. I no longer get the block-breaking lag in my jungle world, which is great, but now the overall frame rate just seems a lot lower. I had assumed it was just me, but when my patrons started making the same complaints, I figured I'd better let you know. For now we'll try lowering our video settings and see if that helps.

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