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Vintage Story: March/April Wishlist


What should we focus on in March and April?  

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  1. 1. What should we focus on in March and April?

    • More Survival Content
    • Mechanical Power System
    • Mobs and Animals
    • More Creative Tools
    • More Performance
    • Better Graphics
    • Better Multiplayer
    • Better Mod API
    • Other (Suggest in comments)

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Okay, entering round number 3. As before, any of the features may be implemented some day, what's important though is what we should focus on first of all.

  • More Survival Content: Bronze Age, Explosives, Sand Physics, World Generation Structures, etc.
  • Mechanical Power System: Implementing the basics of mechanical power
  • Mobs and Animals: First neutral animal or insect, more hostile creatures
  • More Ambient: More ambient sounds, basic weather, additional particle effects,...
  • More Creative Tools: Tabs in the Creative Inventory, World Edit Toolbar, Vertical Slabs,...
  • More Performance: Cave Culling (+15-35% FPS), Greedy Meshing (+10-30% FPS), Draw Call Batching for GUIs and Entities (+0-30% FPS), Extra Fast Grahics Mode, ...
  • Better Graphics: New Shader Effects, more powerful block graphics options, adaptive screen brightness, etc.
  • Better Multiplayer: Better server managmenet tools, better player interaction, etc.
  • Better Mod API: More Mod API Events, Methods and Hooks. Better Documentation and more Samples
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15 hours ago, Theunknownspecimen said:

This is a great game, but my sister and I haven't updated because we want to keep our inventory when we die at least until we don't die every 5 min from starvation. Food is hard to find. And does anyone know how to smelt copper because I suck at this.

never mind I found the wiki.?

Thanks for the feedback, I'll try to improve on that as soon as possible :-)

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