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No World loading at all

Ch De

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Game is starting without problem but does not load ANY world.

If trying to enter existing world with saved game: it begins to load with the dialog but just stops at one point. (yes i waited more than 5m)

If I try to open a new world: the beginning dialog tells me: something went awry.....check the program logs.

No idea where to find those...

Already have the new version as it did not load at all for me a few days ago.

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Hi, sorry for the late reply, I was busy with v1.13 and other tasks.
It seems like for both of you, the game fails to read files in the folder %appdata%/VintageStory/assets/survival/worldproperties, which makes it impossible to properly start up the game. I have no idea why in your particular case this would fail, to be frank.

Is there any chance you manually added or modified a file in there?

If not, can you please zip up that folder and send it to me?

You could also try to uninstall the game, delete the folder %appdata%/VintageStory, then reinstall. Keep the VintageStoryData folder however.

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