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  1. I havent looked at it for a long time but I would like to get something out soon after 14 becomes stable. It may be missing much of the old features though but at minimum I want to get colours working. Then see about that cooking pot bug.
  2. I need to test this out, how advanced is the fishing right now, does it take into account seasons, time of day, temperature, lattitude etc? Perhaps this could be used for balance, harder to obtain fish in winter, or smaller specimens, perhaps even your coordinates could help determine the type of fish, lots of room for variety anyway.
  3. You could probably throw the anvil on the forge till its glowing, then break it up with an axe and a hammer.
  4. Oh I like this. I need to add big clay pots and things to earthworks now.
  5. Its been a very long time since the last update, but we finally have all the colours of the rainbow .. At least 4 of them anyway.
  6. I'll take a look. At a glance I might assume it's because my version contains 4 decimal places, the new versioning might expect at most 3 and then a -. I'll do some testing. Also, I want to redo my bags to using the Fauna mod in future.
  7. I like the pictographs. Personally, I think just a single colour coded icon would be fine, if anyone wants really fine grained detail either have a numerical 00/100% mouseover, or perhaps mods could give differen readings. But I really think keeping the UI uncluttered, and only providing the minimal information necessary, while keeping the look at the correct aesthetic is the major goal. To clarify: I think at least air, and exhaustion icons should only show up when theres a need. But maybe food, water, and health should also only show up when they get below a certain range, maybe 80%? Perhaps also a very fine coloured bar could be used as well.
  8. Andesite tends to be a big more rougher textured, larger inclusion chunks, but still a fairly even distribution. Though both types are pretty similar in makeup, sometimes with veins.
  9. Whitelist me Please. MarcAFK , 30+, I make simple content mods and like blockman.
  10. I plan on adding different colours to clay items. I hadn't thought about the clay molding texture, that should definately be the right colour. I'll take a look at it.
  11. Bug fixed. Version 0.1.1 released (check OP) Heres a screenshot showing how the new claystone looks.
  12. MarcAFK

    Town House

    I'm not so sure about the multi tone cobble, but it's a fairly interesting build.
  13. These are great, I love the idea of upgrading your old bags, and would love to add something that allows converting 4 reed baskets into a floor basket.
  14. Kudos for putting in the work to make this a reality, my halfassed version of this was fine for me but having hardcoded transition bricks on every block looked bad on many occasions.
  15. My next release is significant enough that I'm releasing it by itself before integrating it into the main mod. Earthworks 0.1 adds additional types of clay, red and brown, allowing the extra models that are already in the assets to finally be used. I have made minor edits to the clay deposits them self to differentiate them more . Theres no need to show the new brick types since they're already available in creative, and the recipe is the same, so heres a screenshot showing how they look. Red clay is as common as blue, brown is a little rarer, it should show in similar places as peat. You need to generate new chunks to find the new clay types, how far you'll have to walk will depend on your view distance and how much exploring you've done already. or you could generate a new world ( I don't recommend it). Next I hope to introduce similar variation into claystone.
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