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Taking a crucible out of the smelting process deletes everything inside of it.

Also i tryed reheating another crucible (was at around 800-900 °C) but it instantly finished and was empty as well

For recreation of the process:

I was smelting 2 crucibles filled with 2500units of copper. once the first finished i put the second one in the fire and started filling the bar molds. I usually use charcoal and there the copper stays liquid long enough to fill the molds a second time after they cooled down, but this time i used brown coal since i got so much of it. when i was getting ready to refill the molds the contents of crucible 1 had started to solidify so i took crucible 2 out of the fire to quickly reheat crucible 1. crucible 1 instantly got put into the output slot and was empty (it had 1200units remaining before trying to reheat) and then i noticed that crucible 2 was empty as well.

it kinda hurts since i just lost 37 bars worth of copper which is around half of my total bars

Edit: just found the 2500units of crucible 2 lying on the floor, crucible 1 which i tryed to reheat remains empty.

Edit2: i tryed reheating a crucible again, it worked fine so my guess is that reheating is only buggy when taking another crucible away from the fire and put the other one on the flame without closing the window.

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