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Hey @Tyron

Absolutely love the game, one of my good friends had saw the trailer you posted on YouTube a couple weeks ago, and 7 of our friends instantly bought it and have been playing ever since. We even  rented our own server.

I really feel this game could benefit from a suggestion system like Minecraft, an Upvote system that allows suggestions to not get lost that the community loves.  This system would have the ability for you to mark if its under review/ thinking of implementing, to approved and will be implemented in an upcoming patch, or even declined if you feel the suggestion doesn't provide to the vision of your game. This allows the users to see most recent suggestions, trendiong, and most upvoted.

If you like this idea, I could look into getting one set up and see how it works? 

Also, if you wouldn't mind I would love to participate on the wiki if I can get edit access.


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