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Candlelight dinner time (v1.12.7)


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Dear community
v1.12.7, an stable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager

Yet another important bugfix release to reduce confusion. Worlds that were customized to have a size above 1mil width or length had serious saving issues making players loose their progress. Worlds using default settings or those that were at or below 1mil x 1mil are not affected.


Game updates

  • Feature: Placed candles now emit particles
  • Tweak: Charcoal pits now need to be ignited manually
  • Tweak: Mac OS vertical mouse position offset is now configurable in clientsettings.json via weirdMacOSMouseYOffset. Default value is 5
  • Tweak: Rate limited chat messages per second to 1 per second. Adjust as needed in serverconfig.json, value ChatRateLimitMs
  • Tweak: Added "Run in Repair mode" savegame start option. Should help fixing worlds that crash on startup
  • Tweak: Added new serverconfig option "startupCommands" lets you define commands to be run on startup
  • Tweak: Added command /land adminfree. Admin tool to remove a players claim
  • Tweak: Added "/player playername entity maxhealth hp" to set a players max hp on runtime
  • Tweak: Dedicated servers should now warn if they are started with mono 4
  • Fixed: Should fix server crashing on startup when ipv6 is disabled on the system and ipv4 ip has been supplied
  • Fixed: A 4 slot server only allowed 3 players
  • Fixed: Beehive swarming issues ("Swarming in 2000 days")
  • Fixed: Odd inventory shape for leaves
  • Fixed: Missing crafting recipe for the new bauxite blocks
  • Fixed: Game crashing when putting a full water block in a barrel
  • Fixed: Placed linen and tool racks popping of from chiseled blocks
  • Fixed: Low temporal stability warping much stronger than intended during strong winds
  • Fixed: Unsharp text in the main menu lists (single player, mod manager and multiplayer)
  • Fixed: Acacia saplings only growing into small bushes
  • Fixed: Sneak+Sprint placing a new board pile consumed 4 boards but placed only 1
  • Fixed: Removed 2mil and 4mil world sizes, at these sizes there are overflow issues that store chunks with invalid positions
  • Fixed: Should fix issues where placing/removing blocks causes the undersides of blocks to become black (will not fix existing lighting glitches, place and remove blocks to fix it)
  • Fixed: Server side exception when typing /entity spawn bla*
  • API Fixed: Tool mold drop not using the default block domain
  • API Tweak: Added EnumLightLevelType.TimeOfDaySunLight
  • API Tweak: Added a check for a mapHideOtherPlayers worldconfig to hide other players on maps. A modder can set this value to disable the visiblity of other players on the map (untested)

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