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list of random ideas


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first of all i already love the game, thank you for making it :)
I tried to sort it a bit, feel free to ask!
Here are the notes:


       [Overall and Menu]

- Launcher with easy updates and news, patchnotes
- high world customizability (biome size, ores etc.)
- sections to turn on/off (temporal stuff, dimensions)
- seperate Animals/Monsters - passive/aggressive
- seasons(i hate em) on/off and day- and nighttime lenght option
- ctrl A for text
- different inventory space settings (individual or easy,medium,hard)
- overall complexity (easy->vanilla MC mode), normal (current-tfc), hard (expert mode)
  which is more or less, explore, normal and wilderness mode


- shift-click items in to chests (not inventory<->hotbar) priority
- dirt only grows gras with daylight
- moon cycle? (dark nights->bright nights)
- ONE bag slot, example: reed basket(6)->small linen bag(12)-> leather bagpack(18)-> reinforced leather bagpack(24)
- drinking water? (like tfc)
- fishing for food and rare crap
- prospecting overhaul -> more realistic 
 (id like triangulate it via % and find it when dig down)
- for later: talent/skill system, experience for killing/doing stuff
- unlocking knowledge, skills, stuff with advancements (find clay->pottery)



- wood spikes (stick+knive)
- some kind of trap (stick, string, trigger) or animal bait
- dualwield some weapons (skill to learn?)
- LOTS of different weapons
- bow progression (durabillity, drawspeed, precision) with better/treated wood



- 4 armor slots (helm, chest, legs, feet, better legs/chest add inventoryspace)
- window glasspanes
- OVEN, meal prep station and tools (->see mods, basically a cooking system)
- special meals/drinks give buffs
- Waterwheel for mechanical power
- Pumpkins for easy early light source (torches don't burn out in it,rainsafe)
- bamboo/scaffolding


      [Anvil, Metalworking]

- watering-can cools molds
- Anvil crafted stuff is better than casted stuff
- hardening with oil and stuff
- you can find rare sharpening stones in the world (perm. dmg buff)



- boats, wood->slow, metal(non corrosive tier?) reinforced with paddle->fast
- Horses (taming is time consuming, saddle is from leather)
- Glider (wood, leather) only floating down
- Dragons (the only way to fly, REALLY endgame)



- small villages with loot/trading (common, 1 in 3 biomes ?)
- current traders are very rare and have really good trades
- cities, big, very very rare (can't spawn <2k blocks to worldspawn)
  NPCs are different species/cultures based on biome
- more Monsters (dmg tier<->lvl x?)
- Dungeons to raid/pillage with/without monsters (story to find in books)
  3 sizes, 3 depths -> difficulty is based on size and depth (1-9)
- more biomes with flora and fauna (wood, animals, plants)
- bigger cave systems with interesting plants
- 2. dimension with rare ores, harsh mobs/dungeons, DRAGONS
- cold biomes have bears and mammoths


      [Mods i want in the base game]

- JEI (all items, how to get them, basic mechanics tutorials)
- Journeymap (both more or less added)
- MOUSE TWEAKS (scrollwheel)
- cooking for blockheads, pams harvestcraft (kitchen and lots of foods)
- Carpenter/architecture craft (woodcutting and aestethics stuff to make it pretty :)

- Immersive engineering maybe very late and for late-late game, electrical power
  electrical wire, dynamo, multiblock machines, crusher arc furnace etc.



- maybe 2. dimension as first major update after release
  and electrical power and machines as second.


ps: hope you enjoyed reading it :)

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Hey Goliathon!

First of all, I think you might be interested in the Roadmap so here you go!

Now a bit more of my personal view. While i do agree with you on a lot of points, i can't say i like it overall. It just seems you want Vintage Story to be like minecraft with mods like Kitti allready mentioned.

I like Vintage Story, and i like that it feels very different from Minecraft, so althought some of your ideas strike my fancy I can't say i would like ALL of it implemented.

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