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  1. Your green saturation bar has like 1000 points in it. As you play you see the bar go down. When you eat those berries, you will gain back 80 of those 1000 points. P.S. I may be wrong on the total number of points but that's unimportant to the example.
  2. Pretty much. I'm working on a more simple one currently, but once I have the basics going I'll work on more complex ideas.
  3. I figured it out. The image size wasn't increments of 8.
  4. I'm trying to import an image to use on a block I'm making but no matter what I've tried I can't get it to show up in the window to apply to the face. The image I'm working with was a JPG I found online, modified in Photoshop, then saved as a PNG. Are there restrictions to files used beyond being a PNG?
  5. Which server are you referring to? I'm on the VS discord too but mainly in modding help.
  6. I'm on the Mischief discord. I'm not always very active but lately I have been in the patron area
  7. The community is pretty cool. Cause I'm there. lol
  8. above those bricks are planks. No door. I usually look at the "other" rate for noting the differences, but it varies from .26 to .3. One thing I wondered, does it need to be a complete solid box? If I were to break the top block of the wall, the block above it would be stone or soil. Do all the blocks need to be the same to be recognized? Or can you have a mix of the mud bricks and cobble?
  9. Mischief of Mice is doing that and is running a community server
  10. So I made a 5x5x4 cellar of dark mudbrick and I noticed that it's not being recognized as a cellar. Can anyone tell what I'm doing wrong? I also noticed that my two vessels show different decay rates in the same room. Does whats in them affect it?
  11. This is also good for accessibility. Some people have difficulty holding down a key than others. A menu tab for accessibility would be a good way to implement making such things as optional settings. I feel that the sneak key would be the first priority for this treatment tho because it's easier to hold control than shift because of where the buttons are placed.
  12. I'd rather see sticks used in the sides to represent the frame. Otherwise, Wouldn't you need some way to cut the cobble to get the right shapes you would need for such a devise.I'd also like to see rope used. a couple possible recipes could be: RSR RSR SLS or SLS CRC SRS R=rope S=stick L=linen C=cobble If you wanted it to be cheaper you could make it string instead of rope. Or have both options and the rope one has better durability. Don'y expect to see this in the base game anytime soon though since Tyron has a LOT of more major things to do before getting to duplication already existing mechanics. Maybe I'll look into making a mod for it.
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