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Local Network Game Capability


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Is there an option to connect to a local network game in the future?  Would be great if my son and daughter and I could share a world together at the kitchen table without having to have a server to log into or worry about our internet connection.  We live in an area where it can be spotty at times without warning.  I would imagine we would have to own different game accounts for each player of course, similar to the way it is with Minecraft and other games, but it would certainly be easier for us to play together and work together in a common world if the local network option was available eventually.

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You already can with a bit of network knowledge.

1. Start the VintagestoryServer.exe on your own machine
2. On your own machine you can always connect to via server address 127.0.01
3. On other computers in the local network you can connect to it with your local network address. Here's one way to find your local network address on windows

  • Hit Winkey + R  or click Start
  • Type cmd.exe, hit enter
  • Type ipconfig, hit enter
  • Look for the line starting with "IPv4 Address" - this is your local network address that others need to connect to your server.


You do however have a valid argument that it should be easier to set up a local server, i.e. by a "open to lan" option in a singleplayer world, as well as automatic discovery of running servers in the local network. Added those into our list

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