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Suggestions for mechanical systems


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Mechanical systems: 
1.) Different radii gears and system for calculating mechanical advantage
--Small, Medium, and Large gears, perhaps 15, 30, and 60 teeth respectively. 
--Internal gears
--worm gears

2.) Gears of different materials; gears would break if too much power is transmitted through them for their material. 
--Weak wooden gears barely able to power one quern, metal required for helve hammers

3.) Energy Storage; you may wish to store mechanical energy for larger tasks or when wind is low. 
--Crafting springs that can 'wind up'
--Lifting weights with rope where gravitation can draw them back down later to provide some power
--Constructing Flywheels of different materials and masses which can be spun up to store energy (a favorite idea of mine)

4.) Water 
--Water wheels
-Archimedes screws to move water; perhaps an irrigation system
--wooden channels which can fill with "water"

5.) Constructing Cam shafts as a timing component to machinery
-- rotating rod with offset nodes 

6.) Wind-Pumps, wind powered pumps to move water in channels or vertically 
--Have irrigation on multiple y levels? Move water up using this
-- have an animation for water falling from one channel to another lower

7.) Beyond Gears, chain-drives
-- chains or belts to transmit power over a moderate distance 

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24 minutes ago, Yukihira_S said:

Very nice! 

What do you think about adding also conveyor belts?

And what is your opinion about steam power and electricity? 

I don't think the devs are going to implement electricity " I very well could be wrong" as for steam power its not a huge jump technology wise and would fit the setting IMO it would be pretty neato to have a steam powered quarry setup for larger scale mining operations.

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My idea of electricity is very basic. Honestly I think it's a good to have thing just to make aluminum out of bauxite by electrolysis. 

Perhaps it would be possible to add electric lights (obviously more powerful than lanterns) and electric motors/dinamos without spoil the personality of the game.

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