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A bow already exists, is craftable, and usable.

No idea about a crossbow. It would have to fill a niche that the bow doesn't, and while you can fill pages of text about the pros and cons of bows and crossbows, the chief realworld niche the crossbow had was the ability to put one into the hands of any old untrained yokel and you'd have a passable ranged attack unit, while a proper warbow required years of training to build the requisite muscle and technique.

This niche obviously doesn't apply to a videogame in which the player character is automatically fully proficient with anything they touch.

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To add to what Streewind said,

This game is built upon APIs designed to make it easy to mod the game. Any feature not in the game is easy to add to the game. They even have their own visual 3d object creator. 

It would not surprise me at all to find a crossbow mod in the game at some point.

What I would expect in a crossbow: 
-Later tech; it is a mechanical weapon
-rapid fire but inaccurate
-stronger vs armor/humanoids than animals

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