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The horse suggestion


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The text below is what i posted in the 2020 feature list.

My first vote is definitely for transportation of the animal kind.  Minecarts and such are great but I feel like a animal would be much better. I am a huge horse fan and none of the games I have seen have cool horses. Minecraft horses are just so lame. You get on and off a couple of times and viola their tamed. Its just not fun. But horses with a actual taming process would be absolutely amazing.

I would absolutely love horses in the game. If you were to add them the should have herd mechanics. Like a stallion and a couple mares in a herd. The stallion would protect the mares from predators and lead them to the best grazing spots.  To get to the mares you would have to trap/distract the stallion.  You could also tame or break the stallion but it would be a lot harder. In order to break or train a horse you would have to start with getting them used to you, such as feeding high value treats, and just being around them. Once they get used to you, you can try lunging them in circles in a round pen.  Then you could put a saddle pad and bridle on after a bit of lunging. You could then lung them with the tack on and eventually add the saddle. After they get used to that you could try riding them in the pen. If you have done all the previous steps right then it shouldn't buck you off. It could still just be a cranky horse and buck you off anyway. After a while of riding without being bucked of you could ride them around your world. I would also love to be able to breed the horses to get better stats like speed, stamina, and jump height. 

Here are the thoughts I am adding to it now.

I really think that horses as transport animals would make the game much more fun. I would also like a variety of horse colors coats and patterns

Like main colors and then head and nose markings. For the head markings: A star, a small round circle in a contrasting color on the upper forehead. A blaze, a long wide strip down the front of the head. Maybe even a rare trait that gives the horse contrasting ears. For the main body markings: A paint variety, appaloosa  markings, hind quarters and flank one color with the rest of the body another. For the leg markings: Socks small, medium, and large (large coming up to the knee).

Then there could just be some solid color horses, or horses with a mix of all or any of these traits. 

It would also be very cool if the horses could have a trait system that makes it so the parents would give their traits to the baby. Maybe the baby would be slightly better or worse in the speed, jump, and stamina. The baby would have a mix of the parents color and markings with a very small chance to have something new.

This is a tun to ask for but if even a small fraction of this was added I would be over the moon

Thanks for reading!

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You bring up a really interesting idea so I queried the Forum and only found a few references, mostly back in 2018.  Now that climate is a thing in the game could you imagine having migratory herds of animals?  To give them a real impact in the game, the spawn rate of non-migratory animals should be dramatically reduced.  I dug a pit for some copper and now there are animals stuck in it almost every morning.  If  non-migratory animals were initially abundant and then diminish precipitously the player would need to travel in a wider area to keep finding meat.  However, if you want to make it through the winter (given a certain need to consume some amount of meat protein) you would have to locate and follow a migratory herd to get enough.  Assuming the migratory mechanic is consistent, the the player could set up a hunting camp along the path and visit it at every year assuming it is a great distance from their normal base.

Now in 2018 Stroam and Redram discussed and recommended having an abundance of wolves follow the herd.  Hopefully the developers would take pity on us and have them spawn less frequently around our homes.

Lastly, and more to your original point, the real world domestication of horses was a lengthy process.  Making it where it takes successive generations of horses to finally allow you to use them as a transport mechanic would seem reasonable.  Looking at the wiki I think this already exists in some of the other animals.  Sadly I haven't progressed enough in the game to have experienced myself.

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