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  1. Never having played on a server with mods, do I need the same mods also loaded onto my computer ? Thank you for any insight you can offer.
  2. For Jungle/Desert biomes, I think Shaelin's observation about heat sensitivity would be a good feature to have before creating expedition mechanics or ruins. When combined with the ability to slowly shift your character's Body Temperature Hardiness, depending on average temperature over time, part of the process of conducting an expedition would be just acclimating to that climate. It does make you wonder if populations of server players would naturally split along median climate lines as going to the opposing one could be thought of a a sort of level-of-effort tax. I really like your c
  3. Two things, first, I am old. So old that I am not exactly sure what most of the emoji things mean and used the cookie as an indication of reward for an idea that spurs further discussion. Hopefully it is not actually an insult of some form. On that topic, what does "Wolf Bait" even mean? Second, adding to your comment about additional Ruins, I wonder if they should be on game claimed land? That way you don't take your pickaxe and just burrow in to the center to avoid all the traps. Taking that one step further, it would be cool if once you survived all the traps and got to the treasu
  4. I tend to use saltpeter in the early game to support K nutrients as it is usually far easier to find. Even as such, it is slow release and won't help much if you have planted in already depleted block of farmland. Going forward I find it easier just make an extra plot or two of farmland and rotate the crops.
  5. Welcome to the game and the community. To my knowledge there is no way to change the height of the character and I am not quite sure I understand what you are seeing. Would you be willing to post a screenshot (if you can get a view that best depicts your concern)? Also, the forum tends to be a bit slower expected response time. You may want to try their Discord server where they also have a questions chat section if you need quicker feedback. I log in on occasion and everyone has been super helpful.
  6. It is my experience that animals will wander off (despawn?) if you don't have a fence. The only benefit that I am aware of for domestication is that you can use a cleaver on animals that have 3 our more generations. Please let me know if you have had a contrary experience as I am still learning about animal husbandry mechanics.
  7. Soliton


    Prior to building it in my survival world I evaluated a version of (most famously) Stonehenge as a way to determine in-game time without using the clock on the character gui. After a couple of days of playing with it in a creative world, I was able to determine season, month, day, and even (very) rough time from the position of the Sun. My sincere appreciation to the development team for giving us lots of tools to make this an interesting, while not onerous, task. Not surprisingly, this same build works just as well regardless of your location, since making Suns motion relative to your loc
  8. What do you suggest to balance their use in the game? Would you suggest they consume coal or temporal gears to keep working? Do they degrade and need repairs?
  9. Your suggestion for a special polar ruin would be an excellent reason to explore these regions and is reflected in both the Roadmap and Tyron's post "Choose your favorite theme for v1.15! Gasp!" As opposed to the a nomadic lifestyle experience mentioned above it would be more of an expedition. Right now the polar regions would be an excellent biome to host this idea as it would be easy to restrict food (much, much lower spawn rates for wild plants), the environment is inherently dangerous, and covers vast areas (Standard world size: 100,000 m in the Z direction and ~20,000 m in the X
  10. Exploring the polar regions would be ideal for playing a nomadic lifestyle rather than the normal base building experience. So what would be the unique qualities of living in a polar region? How would someone maintain their fruit, vegetable, and grain nutritional levels? How do you protect yourself from -50 deg C temperatures as well soaking rains? As with the Inuit and S`ami indigenous peoples, meat becomes your primary food source. The animals suggested are good if you are following a coastline, but what happens inland? Maybe some form a cariboo would be reasonable. Spawns shou
  11. You made an interesting suggestion and I began to wonder how could permafrost be implemented as a game mechanic? To start with, soil should be effected by block gravity. Freezing temperatures should act as block reinforcement on soil, much in the same way when the plumb and level is used. At a particular level of reinforcement the physics of the block changes and it no longer becomes susceptible to block gravity. Much in the same way that water becomes ice during winter. To maintain that level of reinforcement, the "permafrost" block would need to be pl
  12. Did you know that Thaumcraft, and about a dozen other well-known MC mods, were based on the role-playing game Ars Magica (https://www.atlas-games.com/arsmagica)? I would encourage anyone interested in how to do fantasy role-playing mechanics correctly to peruse the staggering number of support materials for this, now, no longer supported game. In essence, the game explored the hypothetical consequences, on medieval culture, if magic could be manipulated according to certain rules. Just so you know, one of factors being the generation of "Warp", which became the corruption mechanics you ment
  13. Entropy, as previously mentioned, exists in VS and serves as the primary driver for most of the metal work done. So the question is what other areas do we expand this mechanic and then how do we balance it so as to not make base maintenance game breakingly (yes, I know that's not a word) grindy? Obviously it depends on what is degrading over time and the following are examples of things that tend to fail in the real world: doors, gates, wooden fences, ladders, windmill blades and rotating mechanism, wooden shafts, gears of all varieties, any block used in automation (brakes, clutches, screw
  14. Tool, weapon, and armor durability is a significant driver for the gathering of metal ores and their refining. What will be the corresponding use to make it worthwhile to not only continually produce textiles but to do so with increasing efficiency? While clothes currently wear out, it is not at a high enough rate to warrant an entire support infrastructure. The next biggest textile item is the sails on the windmills. Should they degrade over time? In 1.15 there is some discussion that rope will become a item in the game. If rope could be used as a alternative form of mechanical li
  15. I am curious to hear from others as to what gameplay experience they are hoping to get from the homestead update. In example are you hoping for a 3D version of "Farmville" or "Stardew Valley"? Given the original description "The Homesteading update (fruit trees, alcohol, improved meals, more animals, more crops, birds, animal leashes, pies!)" deals mostly with the production of more variety and quantity of food, how complex do you want that interaction to be (i.e. grow anything anywhere or highly restrictive growth)? What sort of environmental effects should come into play (i.e. droughts, b
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