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[1.13.4] Storage Silos


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Silos to add vertical storage towers to the game. Made from bronze plates partly to give bronze some more uses and also as they have a high storage it keeps them away from the early game. Items placed into a Storage Silo will drop into a Silo below them until the storage below is full.

As far as interaction with other things, they should just act as reskinned hoppers (because that is basically what they are) that have a larger inventory. So if you place a chest below they should drop items from a silo into a chest. Not entirely sure why you would want to but its possible to do. This could be used for some interesting setups by the look of some of the changes coming in the next update.


Update for 1.3 (VS 1.13) - Items falling through stacked silos no longer works, but the silo is a 4 block tall storage container that you place down as a single block instead. There is also a reduction to vegetable and grain decay rates, a little more than you have with storage vessels. There is a recipe to break down your old silo (Name changed of the old ones to identify them quickly) into silo parts and then make the new ones from that. I may add different sizes in future. Storage is 96 slots for the 4m tall silo. Tested it quite a bit but best to backup your save before updating.

1.4 - Reduced costs of silo parts to a single plate.



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Not looked at 1.14 yet, but 1.13 seemed to break how it worked, never got an answer as to if it is a bug or intended behavior.

Occasionally looked at it wondering if I could get it to work, or come up with other storage options for the game. But if anyone wants to make use of this for their own mod feel free to use anything in any form you like.

The silos are basically reskinned hoppers for 1.12, but due to 1.13 changes hoppers were changed and no longer behave the same. 3 Hoppers stacked vertically will only push 1/2 items to the bottom since 1.13, rather than all items at the top going to the bottom if there is space like in 1.12

Edit: Been looking at it for a while today and I will probably come up with some kinda update, although I don't think I will be able to keep the items falling from one block to another. However upsides of that are that I should be able to tweak decay rates and from testing seems like I can still make it more than a single block in size.

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