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  1. You can turn temporal stability/storms off in the menus if you like, not sure if you can turn the drifters off or not, can probably mod them away though?
  2. Went for homesteading, but low tech windmill for industry? We need bigger windmills as well! I have 100s of flax laying around with little to do with it at this point. I want a windmill with a 20m wingspan! Few big windmills over using lots of tiny ones.
  3. This mod allows you to get salt from water by leaving it to dry in a barrel, I decided that I would release this as unlike the other mods that provide similar functionality, this does not change any world generation. In fact you can add or remove this mod and there shouldn't be any lasting effects on your save from it. One thing to note is that because of this, all water counts. So it is up to you to decide if you want to use any water, or just water with seaweed in it. Download SaltProduction.zip
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