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  1. Since the latest version of the game, stacking hoppers no longer works. Previously if you were to stack 3 hoppers (or any number) the items in the top would quickly move down to the bottom until the bottom has been filled. However now only 1 or 2 items move into the hoppers below even if there are plenty of spaces at the bottom and items waiting at the top. Using the Linux version although I don't expect that to be the cause, I know the code for hoppers changed in the latest version. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/334233095374897152/737763972106944522/2020-07-28_211017.2423.webp Tested in 1.13.4, still have the same result.
  2. If you are paying for Gportal to provide you with a service then you should probably be getting proper support from them as well.
  3. Silos to add vertical storage towers to the game. Made from bronze plates partly to give bronze some more uses and also as they have a high storage it keeps them away from the early game. Items placed into a Storage Silo will drop into a Silo below them until the storage below is full. As far as interaction with other things, they should just act as reskinned hoppers (because that is basically what they are) that have a larger inventory. So if you place a chest below they should drop items from a silo into a chest. Not entirely sure why you would want to but its possible to do. This could be used for some interesting setups by the look of some of the changes coming in the next update. Silo-1.0.zip
  4. I don't know about anyone else, is copy/paste into a "mods" folder that difficult that we need 3rd party software to do it for us? Not used CurseForge, doesn't it only run on Windows anyway, but is there the chance of it helping advertise the game by being there? If so that could be a more valid reason than mod hosting really.
  5. Yes, I thought it would be a useful and was a realistic use for excess berries. Had some more time today and I have made vinegar its own thing rather than using brine. Currently it is used for the same recipes as brine for pickling foods with the same required duration.
  6. Vinegar can be made from fruit that has been left in a barrel for a while. For the game I use brine because that is what is used to pickle things in the game already. There are two recipes, first you can leave a stack of fruit in a barrel for 4 weeks and get 10 portions of vinegar. The second recipe allows you to take some that you have already made and adding it ontop of a stack of fruit to accelerate the production, this one only takes 1 week. Vinegar-1.2.zip Updates:
  7. This mod allows you to get salt from water by leaving it to dry in a barrel, I decided that I would release this as unlike the other mods that provide similar functionality, this does not change any world generation. In fact you can add or remove this mod and there shouldn't be any lasting effects on your save from it. One thing to note is that because of this, all water counts. So it is up to you to decide if you want to use any water, or just water with seaweed in it. Download SaltProduction.zip
  8. While I generally like the idea, I do not like the idea of having to hold the mouse button, even more keep clicking endlessly on a block. Instead perhaps craft while the block is selected. The quern is annoying as I have to just hold the RMB for ages to grind grains.
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